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Free Augmentative Communication Software
and Resources for Speech and Language

TICO Communication Board Software - There no longer is a need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase programs for creating communication boards. TICO does a great job is is available free of charge. The program was originally developed in Spain and is now used widely is augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) environments. The program is made up of two different applications - it includes the EDITOR and the INTERPRETER. The Editor is used to design communication boards. Once created, boards can be "interpreted" using the INTERPRETER. Components of a project, for example, can be set up so that they are viewed in a particular order. Sound can also be added so that the pictures "talk" when you click on them. The user license grants you permission to use this program on more than one computer. Speech-language pathologists, classroom teachers, and parents of students with communication disorders will all find the program helpful in instructional program. Individuals with augmentative communication needs can use the program to communication using their computer or android devises. You can even add speech to the communication boards that you create. Just click on the download  link below:
Important Note: JAVA must be on your computer to run the communication board software. It is available FREE from
The ARASAAC Pictograms - Thousands of high quality picture symbols that can be used with the communication board program described above. There is no charge for non-commercial use of the images.
The following two links will take you to websites that offer a variety of FREE downloadable images that are great for children with language disorders or second language learners
Listed below are links to FREE downloadable products for individuals with speech and language difficulties and/or augmentative communication needs

AAC Keys - keyboard and mouse emulation program for Microsoft Windows-based and Macintosh computers.
CHIP Speaking - desktop augmentative communication device that can be used to record up to 99 messages. Use your own voice or computerized voices
More Information
DSpeech - Text to Speech program with integrated Automatic Speech Recognition
EdgeWrite -Designed to make text entry to hand held devices less difficult for people with motor impairments
More Information
Mulberry Picture Symbol set - Get over 2000 picture symbols at no charge
More Information

Sclera's Picture Symbols (Pictograms) - Over 4000 picture symbols that are great for augmentative training programs.
More Information
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In addition to our printed publications, many of the products published by Academic Communication Associates are now available on CD and in downloadable formats. Get products quickly by downloading them from our website.
We offer hundreds of speech, language, and special education resources. Try our downloadable books
Academic Communication Associates
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