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Use Music to Help Children Develop
Language and Thinking Skills
When music is incorporated into language activities, students become actively involved in learning. Music can be used to reinforce a variety of basic skills that are critical for success in the school curriculum. Segments from several of the songs included in our language development programs are included below. You will see a difference in student motivation when you add music to your instructional program. These programs are often used with children who have communication disorders and other special learning needs.


Use rap, rock, country, and other musical styles to help children tell stories, solve problems, express feelings, and communicate information using the fun, high interest activities in this kit. The activities help children to communicate and to develop an understanding of individual differences. Children learn to appreciate individual differences and to interact with others who are "different" from them. As students participate in the activities, they are challenged to propose solutions for problems encountered by animal characters in an entertaining adventure story. How, for example, will Jiffy the Giraffe get to the Jungle Jamboree with his long neck? He can't fit in the car or the plane or the train. Poor Jiffy!

The high-energy songs bring the learning activities to life. Segments from several of the songs can be accessed below. The complete version of each song is included on the CD. Just click on the large arrow to hear segments from the songs. The music will play if your browser supports it.

Song Segment 1 from IN TUNE WITH LANGUAGE
Meet Perky Panda. He teaches the animals the importance of getting along with others who are different.

Song Segment 2 from IN TUNE WITH LANGUAGE
Jiffy the Giraffe can't fit in the car or the train or the plane because of his long neck. How will he get to the Jungle Jamboree?

Song Segment 3 from IN TUNE WITH LANGUAGE
Gorlin wants to go to the Jamboree but he doesn't want to miss his favorite TV show. What will he do to solve this problem? Can you suggest something?

Song Segment 4 from IN TUNE WITH LANGUAGE
Animals of all different colors, shapes, and sizes learn to get along and to share with one another. They celebrate their freedom and their diversity at the Jungle Jamboree.
Everybody sing:
  - Lions, elephants, giraffes, and bears,
  - All of the animals everywhere,
  - Singing, dancing, happy as can be,
  - Together at the Jungle Jamboree!

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This product includes activities and high energy songs that build children's understanding of nouns, verbs, compound words, contractions, facts vs. opinions, and other language skills that have direct relevance to the reading curriculum.

Song Segment 1 from RAP 'N ROCK

Song Segment 2 from RAP 'N ROCK

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