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Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource (#45555-IN)

Larry J. Mattes and Irene GarcĂ­a Easterly

The Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource includes information and materials that will help you plan and implement speech-language intervention programs with bilingual children and adults from Hispanic backgrounds. The book includes ready-to-use word lists, record forms, informational handouts, and practical suggestions for program implementation. The book includes guidelines for distinguishing communication differences from disorders, selecting the language of instruction, developmental norms for Spanish speech and language acquisition, and ready-to-use materials to help you implement intervention programs. Issues related to bilingual language acquisition, code-switching, dialectal differences, use of "Spanglish" and MORE are presented in an easy-to-understand format. The book even includes informational handouts that you can give to parents and teachers.

You'll use this book EVERY DAY with students from Spanish language backgrounds.

Both monolingual and bilingual professionals will find this book to be valuable in meeting the needs of their clients.

Partial Listing of Contents:

  • Common nouns organized by word category
  • Basic Spanish language concepts
  • Vocabulary items that vary in different Spanish dialects
  • Irregular Spanish verbs
  • Descriptive words in English and Spanish
  • Common idiomatic expressions in Spanish
  • Words relating to feelings and basic needs
  • Word and phrase lists for apraxia of speech
  • Word lists organized by number of syllables
  • Oral commands commonly heard within the classroom
  • Task instructions for common speech and language activities
  • Skills checklist for Spanish grammar
  • Skills checklist for functional communication skills
  • Structural differences between English and Spanish
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Words with more than one meaning
  • Words for phonological awareness training
  • Basic reading word lists
  • Word lists for Spanish phonemes
  • Articulation differences commonly observed in English
  • Strategies for providing culturally relevant language activities
  • Remediation of word retrieval deficits in children and adults
  • Ideas for working with Spanish speakers who have hearing impairments
  • Suggestions for using computer software to build vocabulary in English and Spanish
  • Suggestions for writing IEP objectives in Spanish
  • Suggestions for translating learning materials from English to Spanish
  • Strategies for implementing collaborative programs of instruction
  • Informational letters and handouts for parents
  • Strategies for bilingual students with augmentative/alternative communication needs
  • Helpful tips for monolingual speech-language pathologists ... AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

In addition to offering valuable information about treating communication disorders in English or Spanish, this book includes the hands-on materials that you need TODAY for children, adolescents, and adults.

This is an essential resource for professionals who work with Hispanic students in either English or Spanish. No other resource has SO MUCH practical, useful information!

Authors: Larry Mattes and Irene Garcia Easterly

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Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource

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