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Test of Early Written Language (TEWL-2) (#27675-IN)

Ages 3-0 through 10-11 . The TEWL-2 is administered individually and includes two forms, each with a Basic Writing and a Contextual Writing subtest. The TEWL-2 is suitable for research with children ages 3-0 to 3-11 and as an individual assessment instrument for children ages 4-0 to 10-11.

Characteristics of the normative group correspond to those for the 1990 census data relative to gender, geographic region, ethnicity, race, and urban/rural residence. Internal consistency reliability coefficients of all scores meet or exceed .90 for all ages and stability reliability of all scores approximates or exceeds .90. Extensive content validity data are presented and criterion-related validity is evidenced by correlations with the Woodcock-Johnson, the WIAT, and the Written Language Assessment. Construct- related validity is presented based on correlations with age, cognitive ability, achievement, group discrimination, and the correlation of individual test items with total test scores. Scores provided include subtest and global composites, NCEs, percentiles, and age equivalents.

TEWL-2 Components and Scores:

Global Writing Quotient. This composite quotient is formed by combining the standard scores for the Basic Writing Quotient and the Contextual Writing Quotient.

Basic Writing Quotient. Basic Writing is a subtest (i.e., component) area that results in a standard score quotient. This quotient is a measure of a child's ability in such areas as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence construction, and metacognitive knowledge. The Basic Writing Subtest may be given independent of the Contextual Writing Subtest.

Contextual Writing Quotient. Contextual Writing is a subtest (i.e., component) area that results in a standard score quotient. This quotient is a measure of a child's ability to construct a story when provided with a picture prompt. This subtest measures such areas as story format, cohesion, thematic maturity, ideation, and story structure. Both Form A and Form B consist of 14 items. A detailed, expanded scoring guide is provided to assist in scoring the Contextual Writing Subtest. The Contextual Writing subtest may be given independently of the Basic Writing subtest.

The complete TEWL-2 Kit includes Examiner's Manual, 10 Student Workbooks (Form A), 10 Student Workbooks (Form B), 10 Profile/Record Booklets (Form A), and 10 Profile/Record Booklets (Form B), all in a sturdy storage box.


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Test of Early Written Language (TEWL-2)
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