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Test of Verbal Conceptualization and Fluency (TVCF) (#23458-IN)

Ages 8-0 through 89-0 This test measures multiple aspects of executive functioning deficits of the brain. The tasks provide information about multiple aspects of verbal fluency, set-shifting, and concept identification, along with sequencing and visual search skills. The test can also be used to assess the examinee's ability to retrieve words that fit within a conceptual category. Standardized scores (scaled scores) are provided. This is an excellent instrument for assessing individuals with neurological impairments.

Because the TVCF is particularly time and cost-efficient, it is useful in both educational and clinical settings. 

The TVCF subtests include:
  1. Categorical Fluency measures the examinee's ability to retrieve words that fit within a conceptual category (e.g., animals, things to eat) and fluency of ideation.
  2. Classification is a verbal measure of shifting and rule induction that is designed as a language-based analog to the well-known Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (Grant & Berg, 1948). Three scores are obtained: number of items correct, number of perseveration errors, and number of categories achieved.
  3. Letter Naming measures word retrieval by initial sound and fluency of ideation.
  4. Trails C measures the ability to coordinate high attentional demands, sequencing, visual search capacity, and the ability to shift rapidly between Arabic numerals, and linguistic representations of numbers. The trails task is a variation of several other "trail-making" tasks and was taken from the earlier published Comprehensive trail-Making Test (Reynolds, 2003) and completely renormed with the other TVCF tasks.

Kit Components: Manual, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms, 25 Trails C Form, Classification Cards Set, sturdy storage box.


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Test of Verbal Conceptualization and Fluency (TVCF)
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