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Book of Picture Symbols for Everyday Communication -(Over 300 pages)- Special Offer! (#49000-IN)

Construct communication boards using a comprehensive collection of over 3,000 symbols from the Library of International Picture Symbols (LIPS), developed by the Assistive Technology Engineering Lab. The LIPS includes symbols for food, articles of clothing, tools, activities, emotions, holidays, and other items relevant to the experiences of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. The book will be helpful in developing communication displays and instructional activities for individuals with communication disorders, augmentative communication needs, and second language learners.
PIcture Symbols are organized into the following symbol sets:
Symbol Set A- Food and Meals
A1 - Mealtime
A2 - Food Dishes
A3 - Bread Items
A4 - Desserts and Snacks
A5 - Produce and Natural Foods
A6 - Beverages
A7 - Flavorings and Other Foods
Symbol Set B - Clothing and Grooming
B1 - Articles of Clothing
B2 - Dress-Related Items
B3 - Jewelry
B4 - Clothing Accessories
B5 - Cosmetics
B6 - Personal Care and Related Items
Symbol Set C - Household
C1 - Kitchen
C2 - Babhroom
C3 - Furniture
C4 - Appliances
C5 - Electronic Devices and Accessories
C6 - Home Maintenance
C7 - Residential Structures and Their Components
C8 - Other Household Items
Symbol Set D - Transportation
D1 - Transportation Vehicles
D2 - Transportation Signs
D3 - Transportation -Related Items
Symbol Set E - Work and School
E1 - School Titles
E2 - School Time
E3 - School Items
E4 - Job Titles and Duties
E5 - Office Items
E6 - On the Job
Symbol Set F- Leisure
F1 - Music and Dance
F2 - Toys
F3 - Games and Rides
F4 - Ball Sports
F5 - Water and Ice Sports
F6 - Other Sports and Personal Training
F7 - Hobbies, Recreation, and Entertainment
Symbol Set G - Family
G1 - Family Relations
G2 - Family Ceremonies
Symbol Set H - Health and Medical
H1 - Our Body
H2 - Health/Medical Items
Symbol Set I - Life in the Community
I1 - Around Town
I2 - Bank and Post Office
I3 - Shopping
I4 - Social Activities and Behaviors
I5 - Social Communication
I6 - Phone and Emergency Numbers
I7 - Basic Needs Statements and Questions
Symbol Set J - The World Around Us
J1 - Animals
J2 - Animal-Related Items
J3 - Insects/Bugs
J4 - Plants
J5 - Environment/Nature
Symbol Set K - People and Culture
K1 - History and Literature
K2 - Horoscope/Signs
K3 - Religion and Mythology
K4 - People
K5 - Festivals and Seasonal Activities
K6 - Country
K7 - Personal Information and Identification
Symbol Set L - Miscellaneous Words and Symbols
L1 - Colors and Shapes
L2 - Letters
L3 - Numbers and Measures
L4 - Location Words
L5 - Time and Calendar
L6 - Mood and Feeling Words
L7 - Descriptive Words
L8 - Action Words
L9 - High Frequency Words
L10 - Computer and Internet
The book also includes reproducible communication board templates. Individual pages may be reproduced for use with individual students. This is a must-have resource for instructional programs. You'll find picture symbols in this collection that you won't find anywhere else.
The symbols can be used to facilitate communication and to teach new vocabulary. Symbols are even included for little words such as the, it,, and with.
Over 300 8.5" by 11" pages.
Special Price! SAVE money NOW with this special offer
Only $45.00 if ordered by phone or through the mail. ONLY $24.00 if ordered online NOW
Note: No "discount codes" or "coupon discounts" will be applied when ordering this product because it is already significantly discounted.


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Book of Picture Symbols for Everyday Communication -(Over 300 pages)- Special Offer!

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