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Reading Teacher's Survival Kit- BEST SELLER (Almost 500 pages - SPECIAL OFFER) (#8884-IN)

Thousands of reading teachers are using this power-packed book to provide instruction to students with reading difficulties. Available for a limited time at a SPECIAL PRICE.
Here is a collection of ready-to-use checklists, activities, and materials to help your students become successful readers. The book covers whole language, phonics, and a variety of other approaches to teaching reading. Over 80 stimulating hands-on games and activity sheets build skills in letter-name knowledge, sight word recognition, word structure, context clues, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and other areas. The book also includes up-to-date information that will help you work with students who have various types of disabilities.
Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Assessing Reading Strengths and Weaknesses.

Chapter 3: Improving Ability in Letter Name Knowledge and Sight Word Knowledge

Chapter 4: Improving Ability in Phonics

Chapter 5: Improving Ability in Word Structure and Context

Chapter 6: Improving Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

Chapter 7: Teaching Reading to Students with Special Needs

Chapter 8: The Support of Family Members and Friends with Reading
Key Components and Practical Resources in book Book
Guidelines for Reading Assessment
Information about Standaradized Reading Tests and Criterion Referenced Assessment
Authentic Assessment and "Kid Watching"
Using Miscue Analysis
Using and Individual Reading Inventory
Graded Word Lists and Reading Passages for the Individual Reading Inventory
Informal Assessment of Word Identification Skills
San Diego Quick Assessment List
Quick Survey Word List
El Paso Phonics Survey
Using Portfolio Assessment
Strategies, Materials, and Reproducibles for Improving Letter Name Knowledge
Using the Language Experience Approach
Sight Word Lists
The Instant Word List
Survival Words
Strategies for Teaching Sight Words
Games for Improving Sight Word Knowledge
The Most Common Phonic Elements and Rules
Reproducibles for Improving Phonics Abilities
Common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
Using Word Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes to Create New Words
Strategies for Improving Ability in Context Clues
Strategies for Improving Competence in Meaning Vocabulary
Strategies for Improving Ability in Reading Comprehension
Strategies for Students with Special Needs
Guidelines for Teaching Reading Skills to ESL and Bilingual Students
Reproducibles that Can Be Used to Support the Home-School Connection
Reading Games for Primary-Grade Children
Practical Checklists:
- Concepts about Print Checklist
- Phonemic Awareness Checklist
- Phonics Skills Checklist
- Structural Skills Checklist
- Comprehension Skills Checklist
- Reading Ability Checklist
- Assessing Your Classroom Checklist
and much, much more!
Book Length: 487 pages


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Reading Teacher's Survival Kit- BEST SELLER (Almost 500 pages - SPECIAL OFFER)

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Speech and Language Therapy - Augmentative Communication - Occupational Therapy - Bilingual/ESL- Remedial Reading - Learning Disabilities

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