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Test of Adolescent and Adult Language (TOAL-4) - COMPLETE KIT - NEW! (#220-IN)

Ages 12 through 24-11. The Test of Adolescent and Adult Language - Fourth Edition (TOAL-4) is designed to measure spoken and written language abilities of adolescents and young adults. It was normed on 1,671 individuals in 35 states, all between the ages of 12-0 years and 24-11. The TOAL-4 has six subtests:

Word Opposites - examinee is asked for a spoken word with the opposite meaning of the word examiner says

Word Derivations - examinee is asked for a missing word at the end of the second sentence the examiner says, deriving from a key word - Laugh. The play was very funny. The people broke out laughing.

Spoken Analogies - examinee is asked to complete an analogy.

Word Similarities - examinee is asked to write a synonym (correct spelling is irrelevant) for a printed stimulus word.

Sentence Combining - examinee is asked to combine two sentences into one sentence.

Orthographic Usage - examinee is asked to write down sentences with correct punctuation

Test results can be reported as percentile ranks and scaled scores. The scaled scores of these subtests can be combined to form three composites (Spoken Language, Written Language, and General Language) to estimate status relative to the abilities measured by the test.

Spoken Language Composite- formed by combining the scaled scores of the subtests Word Opposites, Word Derivations, and Spoken Analogies.

Written Language Composite - formed by combining the scaled scores of the subtests Word Similarities, Sentence Combining, and Orthographic Usage.

General Language Composite - formed by combining the scaled scores of all six subtests.

The theoretical model on which the TOAL-4 was created has been modified to better reflect the manner in which adolescents and adults actually use language. The number of subtests has been reduced from eight to six, thereby considerably shortening the administration and scoring time.

All new normative data were collected in the fall of 2004 through the fall of 2005. Demographic characters of the normative sample are keyed to those reported in the census data projections for 2004. Geographic region, gender, ethnicity, Hispanic status, family income level, and parental education were stratified by age.

The complete TOAL-4 Kit includes the Manual, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, and 25 Written Language Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.


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Test of Adolescent and Adult Language (TOAL-4) - COMPLETE KIT - NEW!
Price : $264.00  ea
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