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Test of Early Language Development - 4 (TELD-4) (#22301-IN)

Ages 2-0 to 7-11. This norm-referenced test assesses both receptive and expressive language and takes about 20 minutes to administer. The instrument examines both form and content. All manipulatives necessary for administration of the test are included. The TELD-4 yields an overall Spoken Language score and also yields scores for Receptive Language and Expressive Language subtests.

The TELD-4 was built to ensure excellent psychometric qualities such as the following:

  • Demographics: The TELD-4 was standardized on 1,074 children in 32 states. The normative population is clearly representative of the U.S. population as reported in the Statistical Abstract of the United States. .
  • Reliability: Extensive studies of test reliability (coefficient alpha, test-retest, immediate testĀ­retest with equivalent forms, and interscorer) support the use of the TELD-4 with individual students.
  • Validity: Content-description validity was established through careful selection of items, controlled vocabulary, construct review by a panel of language experts, conventional item analysis, differential item functioning analysis, and form equivalence. Criterion-prediction validity was established by correlating TELD-4 standard scores with a variety of widely recognized measures of language ability. Construct-identification validity was established by studying (a) the relationship of the TELD-4 standardized scores with age, IQ, and academic achievement and (b) the ability of the TELDĀ­-4 standard scores to differentiate groups with known language problems from those without such problems.
  • Limiting bias: Given the general concern with potential bias in test items, the TELD-4 was examined to ensure that little or no bias relative to gender, disability, racial, socioeconomic, or ethnic groups existed. The TELD-4 was examined using differential item functioning techniques. Further, a wide range of both mainstream and minority populations, including gender, racial, ethnic, linguistic, and disability categories, was included in the normative sample. Finally, reliability and validity information is provided for different mainstream and minority subgroups.

Features of the TELD-4

  • The TELD-3 has both Receptive Language and Expressive Language subtests
  • Normative information is reported with respect to geographical residence, gender, race, ethnicity, education, and socioeconomic status, and it is stratified by age.
  • Studies showing the absence of gender, ethnic, disability, and racial bias are reported
  • Pictures are in color
  • Standard scores and percentiles are provided for subtest and composite scores. Age equivalent scores also are reported for the subtests.
  • The TELD-4 was built in accordance with the American Psychological Association guidelines for test construction.
  • The test is quick and easy to administer and score.
  • The kit includes all necessary manipulatives

The complete kit includes the Test Manual, Picture Book, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets Form A, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets Form B, and manipulatives, all in a sturdy storage box.


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Test of Early Language Development - 4 (TELD-4)
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