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Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM)- COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES MANUAL AND 50 FORMS (#49131-IN)

Ages 3 and up. This instrument can be used to assess consonant production and use of phonological processes in Spanish. The instrument includes a variety of types of assessment measures, making it possible to use the instrument both for screening and diagnostic purposes. Section 1 of he instrument is divided into four sections:

  • Spontaneous Word Production Task. This measure is administered to assess production of consonants, clusters, and the child's use of phonological processes. Performance is assessed as the individual labels pictures. Space for transcribing responses is included on the record form.
  • Word Repetition Articulation Screening. This task is administered to assess consonant production as the student repeats words read by the examiner. The task can be used by bilingual teachers or paraprofessionals in classroom screening programs.
  • Sound Stimulability in Syllables. This measure is administered to assess the imitative production of consonants in syllables when a model is presented by the examiner.
  • Articulation in Conversational Speech. This measure is administered to measure articulation during conversation with an adult or peer.

Section 2 of the inventory includes criterion-referenced probes designed for use in assessing aspects of the student's spontaneous speech production. Individual tasks are included for assessing stridents, nasals, velars, lingua-dentals, flaps, and specific consonant phonemes. Performance is assessed as the child labels pictures or as the child makes up sentences describing pictures.

Section 3 include 21 word-repetition tasks . Each of the 10 item probes is used to obtain information about a specific consonant or consonant group (e.g., cluster).

The specific tasks used will vary depending on the purpose of the assessment. It is not necessary to administer every task within the inventory. The instrument may be adapted, as necessary, for local use.

Normative information is reported from the literature. By using the test data in conjunction with information from communication samples, the results are valuable in identifying specific learning needs and in planning intervention programs.
Research related to the Spanish-speaking child's acquisition of phonology is summarized to facilitate interpretation of test results. Suggestions for distinguishing "differences" from "disorders" are described in the manual. The manual includes a variety of reproducible assessment record forms.
An optional CD is available that includes reproducible assessment forms from the SAM manual PLUS supplemental record forms that can be used by speech-language pathologists and classroom teachers.
The CD includes the following forms:

These forms from the manual are on the CD

1. Supplemental forms for use with the Spontaneous Word Production Task
2. Word Repetition Artiulation Screening Form
3. Sound Stimulability in Syllables Form
4. Articulaton in Conversational Speech Form
5. Spontaneous Production Probes for Stridents, Velars, Nasals, Lingua-Dentals, Flaps, /s/, and /l/
6. Word Repetition Probes
New supplemental forms on the CD that are not in the SAM manual are the following:

1. Classroom Speech Production Record Form -Can be used in the classroom torecord observations related to the student's speech product.
2. Speech Sound Production in English and Spanish - helpful in comparing production in English and Spanish based on observations
3. Speech Development Profile for Spanish Consonants - lists age norms for sounds on a student record form that includes space for comments about individual sounds
4. Use of Phonological Patterns in English and Spanish - Use of this record form will be helpful in comparing phonological patterns in the two languages

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CD is highly recommended because it includes reproducible resources that facilitate the recording and interpretation of performance.
Save money when you order SAM and the CD at the same time. The CD makes it easy to print out copies of the reproducible book pages and provide additional materials not available in the manual.
Product Numbers
Kit with Forms: #49131-IN
Kit with Forms and CD: #49131X-IN
Order product 49131CD if you have the SAM kit and only need the CD
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Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM)- COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES MANUAL AND 50 FORMS

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