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Play It Up: A Game for Teaching Idiomatic Expressions (#49950-IN)

Ages 9 and up. Teach common idiomatic expressions such as "play it by ear," "in a pickle," and "fit to be tied" with this exciting game. Students are asked to define idioms, to identify the idiom that would be most appropriate for a specific context, and to use idioms in various ways. The game is appropriate for second language learners, children with language disorders, and others who have difficulty understanding expressions heard in everyday speech. Includes a full-color playing board, playing cards, spinner, playing pieces, and comes in a durable box that is easy to transport.

Four sets of game cards are included:

  • Set A - Matching Expressions with Definitions (multiple choice). A sentence with an idiomatic expression is presented and the player must select the appropriate definition from the choices given.
  • Set B - Complete the Sentence (multiple choice). An incomplete sentence is presented ad the player is asked to select the expression that makes sense within that sentence.
  • Set C - Explain the Expression. The player listens to sentences containing idiomatic expressions and is asked to explain the meaning of these expressions.
  • Set D - Matching Phrases (multiple choice). A sentence is presented to the student. A phrase within this sentence is highlighted in bold type. The player is asked to select the idiomatic expression that is similar in meaning to this phrase.

Supplemental activities are described that can be used with each card set. Now put on your thinking cap and PLAY IT UP! 

This game, like all games published by Academic Communication Associates, was manufactured in the USA.


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Play It Up: A Game for Teaching Idiomatic Expressions
Price : $39.00  ea
Speech and Language Therapy - Augmentative Communication - Occupational Therapy - Bilingual/ESL- Remedial Reading - Learning Disabilities

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