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Exercises for Basic Language Concepts (#49914-IN)

Important Note: The  optional CD has been updated to include the entire book plus supplemental learning activities.

Ages 4 through 8. Help your students learn basic concepts such as before/after, together/separated, top/bottom, long/short, and right/left as they interact with Harmon Hippo and his friends. This book includes stories, thinking activities, and materials that you can use to promote the development of concepts relating to position, time, number, and size. The activities challenge students to follow and give directions, talk about time order in short stories, use concepts to make simple comparisons, describe steps in a process, and answer questions.

The activities in each section are described below:

  • Picture Worksheet Activities for Basic Concepts - The picture worksheets in this section each focus on a specific concept contrast (e.g., on/under, above/below). The lessons in this section can be used to teach new concepts, to strengthen listening skills, and to improve memory as children follow oral instructions.
  • Color and Paste Worksheets - The worksheets in this section can be used to reinforce basic concepts as children follow instructions presented by the teacher.
  • Thinking with Time Concepts - Activities designed to promote the development of concepts relating to time are included in this section. Situations are presented in which students talk about the sequence of events and the duration of specific events and activities.
  • Concept Development Reading Worksheets - Printed words and sentences are included on the worksheets in this section. Concepts such as left'right, first/last, and top/bottom are emphasized as children respond to verbal instructions similar to those commonly encountered during classroom reading activities (e.g., Circle the last word on the list.")

Reproducible worksheets are included. Children love the high interest activities in this practical, easy-to-use book.

The updated CD now includes the entire book plus an interactive computer learning activity and supplemental activities. The pages on the CD are in a PDF format that can be used if you have Adobe Reader on your computer. This program is available at no charge from The CD makes it easy to print out copies of the reproducible book pages.
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Book only: #49914-IN
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Both book and CD: #49924-IN
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Exercises for Basic Language Concepts

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