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Think-A-Sentence Language Challenge (#4042-IN)

Developed by Academic Communication Associates

Patty R. Schuchardt, Project Coordinator

Ages 5 through 11. The game activities in Think A Sentence Language Challenge help children use present tense verbs, irregular verb forms, and other structures. The activities also help students develop greater flexibility in the use of sentences. Watch your students become more effective language users as they arrange words into sentences, reformulate sentences, expand sentences, and participate in high-interest thinking activities. The kit includes game pieces, full-color game boards, activity cards, and an activity manual.


Game Activities

  • Game A - Create a Sentence. The child's task is to pick a card and to make a sentence that includes all of the words listed. The words clown, laugh, and balloon, for example, can be combined to create the sentence, "The clown with the balloon started to laugh."
  • Game B - Finish the Sentence. The child's task is to finish each sentence by adding four or more words.
  • Game C - Rearrange the Words. The child's task is to pick a playing card and to rearrange the words on that card to make a sentence.
  • Game D - Rephrase the Sentence. The child's task is to make up a sentence with a similar meaning to the sentence on the playing card. The sentence "Doug is silly," for example, can be changed to "Doug is funny."
  • Game E - Verb Fun. Each space on the playing board represents a specific verb. Before moving to the next space, the child must describe the picture on the board using the correct verb form.
  • Game F - Irregular Past Tense Verbs. Each space on the board represents a specific irregular past tense verb. The child's task is to produce a sentence using the irregular past tense form correctly.
  • Game G - Guess the Missing Word. The child is asked to fill in the blank in sentences with a word that makes sense.
  • Game H - Sentence Starters. The child's task is to create sentences beginning with a word presented by the instructor.
  • Game I - Finish the Sentence. The child's task is to finish each of the following sentences using the appropriate verb.

This game, like all games published by Academic Communication Associates, was manufactured in the USA.


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Think-A-Sentence Language Challenge
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Speech and Language Therapy - Augmentative Communication - Occupational Therapy - Bilingual/ESL- Remedial Reading - Learning Disabilities

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