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Seeded Non-Fiction Historical Resources, Famous Speeches, and More (Downloadable) (#499981DL)

Mark Schmidek
Ages 12 and up

Note: This is the downloadable product. A CD version is also available. 

Documents such as the Declaration of Independence contain words and phrases that are often difficult for students to understand. Text "seeds" have been added to the non-fiction works in this product to facilitate comprehension of vocabulary, phrases, and factual information that may be unfamiliar to students. Seeded text helps students read complete editions of non-fiction works independently.

Non-fiction works included in this set:

- The Declaration of Independence
- The Articles of Confederation
- The Constitution
- The Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution
- The Gettysburg Address
- The Zimmerman Note

This product also includes seeded excerpts from famous speeches, diaries, sermons, essays, memoirs, and novels that are often used in the classroom curriculum.

Here are a few reasons why seeded text benefits students:
  • Students have difficulty understanding the vocabulary, phrasing, and factual references contained within works that were published many years ago. By adding information seeds to the text, the students have a tool that they can use independently.
  • Seeded text is a differentiated approach that can be used within the general education curriculum or in special education programs.
  • Research in school programs is providing evidence that seeded text improves vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension
  • Seeding provides an explanation for what is unfamiliar without interrupting the reading process. The reader does not have to leave the text to search for a dictionary or to ask for help.
The works in this set include three types of information seeds:
  • Vocabulary words are in bold and the meaning is in (parentheses) - His body vibrated from the weight and force of his imprecations (swearing) and he could string oaths (swears) with the facility (ease) of a maiden who strings beads.
  • Factual references are shown in bold italics and the meaning is in (parentheses) - They're going to Richmond (Virginia: could be around the time of the three-day Battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863- two years before the end of the war), or some place, while we fight all the Johnnies (soldiers of The South).
  • Challenging phrases or sentences are underlined and their meaning appears in [brackets] - Presently (Now), men were running hither and thither [in different directions] in all ways ...The youth sat up and gave vent to [made] an enormous yawn.

Pages from all of the non-fiction works may be printed out by a single teacher or specialist for use with his or her students. This product is also available in a CD format (see link below)

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Seeded Non-Fiction Historical Resources, Famous Speeches, and More (Downloadable)

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