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Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook (ELVIS) - NEW (#46661-IN)

Children: Ages 9 through 18
Adults: Also suitable for adults with word retrieval or ESL needs
ELVIS is a comprehensive collection of resources that you can use to build vocabulary and expressive language skills in students with communication disorders or language-based learning difficulties. The book includes academic curriculum vocabulary lists,vocabulary lists relevant to employment, assessment checklists, reproducible activity worksheets, game suggestions, and other vocabulary building resources.
Use the activities in this book to strengthen word knowledge and expressive vocabulary skills that are critical for success in the classroom and in the community. The essential vocabulary lists includes words that students must know to comprehend information within the content areas of the curriculum.
Among the vocabulary skills emphasized are the following:
  • Defining words
  • Using word parts to determine word meanings (prefixes, suffixes, compound words)
  • Using context to determine word meanings
  • Explaining idiomatic expressions
  • Describing and comparing
  • Giving concise explanations
  • Expressing and supporting viewpoints
  • Rephrasing statements using precise vocabulary
  • Summarizing important details
The book includes a description of research-based strategies for building vocabulary and vocabulary lists that can be used to develop intervention programs. The worksheet activities challenge students to focus their attention on word meanings and to create sentences using precise vocabulary.
The range of materials in this comprehensive 200-page book will make it easier for speech-language pathologists, learning disability teachers, and other professionals to plan lessions that will help student learn new words and develop greater precision in how vocabulary is used for various purposes. The lessons build vocabulary and also help students develop strategies that they can use to learn new words independently
The vocabulary lists in this book will help you save time developing lessons relevant to students' learning needs. This book is essential for speech-language pathologists, LD teachers, and ESL professionals very useful in developing lessons relevant to academic curriculum standards
The printed book edition and the CD edition are the same price if ordered separately. Save money when you order both the book and CD at the same time. The CD includes the entire book and makes it easy to print out copies of the reproducible pages.
Product Numbers
Book only: #46661-IN
CD only: #46661CD-IN
Both book and CD: #46661BCD-IN
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Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook (ELVIS) - NEW

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