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Recovery from Brain Injury - My WalkAbout

Victims of stroke and head trauma will benefit from the experiences of John Schultz, a head injury survivor, who tells his story in an easy-to-read book called My WalkAbout. The life of John Schultz turned totally unside down when he was traveling in Mexico. John had a Master's Degree in Engineering and was a hard-working, well-respected engineer. Suddenly, he felt a severe a severe pain in his head - a bad headache.

The pain was so intense that John ended up in the hospital. John has suffered a blood clot, resulting in a brain injury that would change his life forever. When John woke up in the hospital, he was a different person. With paralysis, communication problems, difficulty understanding and remembering speech, he was no longer the same "John Schultz." Suddenly, John could no longer work. He was in "rehab" and couldn't do much of anything without help. At first, John didn't understand why he was even seeing a speech pathologist. What did he need therapy? What was he being asked to answer simple questions and to solve simple puzzles.

Over time John became aware of how severe his problems were. He realized that he had experienced a "computer crash" in his brain, but was determined to "reboot his system" so that he could get back to work.

John worked hard to overcome his difficulties and beat the odds. He was not only able to get back to work, but he also volunteered to help others with similar problems. John is even able to give oral presentations at colleges and unversities relating to his life-changing experience. John learned much about "speech therapy" and even considered becoming a speech pathologist. His book, My Walkabout, was published by Academic Communication Associates and tells his amazing story.

John still has not recovered completely, but his accomplishments are truly amazing. Although initially skeptical, John became convinced of the importance of speech and language therapy in his own recovery. My Walkabout is a book that will make you laugh and make you cry. John's sense of humor helped him deal with many of the crises that he experienced. His story shows what can be accomplished through motivation and hard work. John wrote an important book that can help thousands of individuals who are recovering from strokes and head injuries. Families of individuals who have suffered brain injuries will enjoy this inspirational story. The book will also motivate clients who are in the process of recovery.

To order this book, click here.

Schultz, John. My Walkbout: A Brain-Injury Survivor's Story of Discovery and Hope. Published by: Academic Communication Associates, P.O. Box 4279, Oceanside, CA. Item No:49951 Price: $15.95 plus 3.50 for shipping/handling.

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