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Homeschooling Children with
Special Education Needs

Special needs students who receive homeschooling often benefit greatly from activities designed to stimulate speech and language development. The ACA Speech, Language, and Special Education Catalog, available online at features resources for students of all ages who have special learning needs.

The development of language is critical for success in acquiring reading and writing skills. Home activities that facilitate oral language development can be implementing at mealtime, during shopping activities, during play, and in various other contexts. Talk to your child about what he/she is doing, introduce new vocabulary, talk about the meaning of words, and ask questions. Encourage the child to share information, feelings, and ideas. Expand upon what the child says by adding additional information.

If a child has a speech or language delay, it is important to work closely with a speech-language pathologist when implementing home programs. The speech-language pathologist can also provide help in selecting appropriate instructional materials. It is always important to consult with a speech-language pathologist and other professionals when implementing instructional activities for children who have communication disorders.

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