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Speech and Language Games
Communication Disorders Products

Speech and language games are available from Academic Communication Associates to help children with a variety of speech and language disorders. Here is a brief description of some of the games that are currently available at special prices that save you money.
Language Trails - Primary

Ages 5 through 8. Help children improve vocabulary usage and communicative competence using high-interest games and activities. The game activities target category words/concepts, vocabulary definitions, and interactive communication. The five card decks provide language activities in the areas below:
  • Category Words and Concepts. This deck addresses children's abilities to think about basic categories and classifications. Example: Name something that crawls.
  • Daily Living Words and Concepts. This deck focuses on children's knowledge of basic facts or "world knowledge." Example: The sweetener that insects make is called __________.
  • Vocabulary Definitions. This deck focuses on common words and their meanings. Example: What is a city?
  • Interactive/Pragmatic. This deck focuses on various types of social exchanges as children make requests, give information, and direct others in an interactive context. Example: Ask a person near you what his or her middle name is.
  • Create a Question. This deck focuses on questioning skills as children create their own questions from pictured stimuli. Example: What do we use a nail for?
Language Trails - Intermediate

Ages 8 through 11. Use the game activities in this kit to target words/concepts, vocabulary definitions, pragmatic communication skills, daily living words, and other skills. As students play the game, they practice using language for a variety of purposes. The five card decks provide language activities in these areas:
  • Daily Living Words and Concepts
  • Pragmatics
  • Words that Sound the Same
  • Synonyms
  • Vocabulary Definitions
Pragmatic Problem Solving Adventure Game

Ages 5 through 11. As children play this game, they describe problems, talk about possible causes, propose solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of various problem solving solution strategies. Problems relevant to the experiences of young children are emphasized. The kit includes a large, full-color, hard-back game board, activity cards playing pieces, and the activity manual.

Speech Game Gallery
Ages 4 through 11. Here is a collection of games and activities that can be used to strengthen production of 12 commonly misarticulated sounds or to remediate phonological processes. The kit includes an activity manual with reproducible worksheets, 12 full-color game boards, task cards, a spinner, and playing pieces.

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Language Trails - Primary
Language Trails - Intermediate
Pragmatic Problem Solving Game and Speech Game Gallery

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