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Developmental Articulation and Phonology Profile (DAPP) Dennis Tanner, William Culbertson, and Wayne Secord Ages 3 and Up Use this form to chart the student’s development of phonemes and use of phonological processes relative to frequency of occurrence and developmental age. The kit includes 30 copies of the form. #46671-C23 DAPP $18.00 AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 84 ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS Implement a multicultural approach to assessing articulation and phonology with ASAP. Assessment of Sound Awareness and Production (ASAP) Larry J. Mattes Ages 3 through Adult ASAP provides more information than other speech production tests! ASAP is a comprehensive criterion-referenced assessment tool that can be used with native speakers of English or second language learners. Production of speech sounds, use of phonological processes, and phonological awareness can all be assessed using a variety of easy-toadminister tasks. For the assessment of articulation, ASAP includes a Spontaneous Word Production Task, Word Repetition Articulation Screening, Sentence Repetition Articulation Screening, Storytelling Articulation Task, and reproducible probes for assessing individual phonemes. If, for example, you want to test only the /r/ sound, ASAP has a task specifically for /r/. Why buy separate tests for articulation, phonological processes, and phonological awareness when one instrument can do it all? The phonological awareness tasks assess skills that are considered important for success in the classroom. ASAP helps professionals distinguish differences from disorders Individuals who have been exposed to African American English, Spanish, and other languages may have “articulation differences.” These individuals need to be distinguished from those with true disorders. ASAP now comes with a CD that includes information and reproducible record forms designed for use when assessing culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These forms will help you assess individuals with speech patterns that have been influenced by African American English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. Why should you conduct assessments using ASAP for English and SAM for Spanish? When assessing articulation skills of individuals from Spanish language backgrounds, ASAP and Spanish Articulation Measures (see page 92) are perfect companions. The CD that comes with ASAP includes reproducible forms that are helpful when reviewing assessment data obtained from bilingual students. Using ASAP with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds The CD includes reproducible forms that will help you pinpoint experiential differences and environmental factors that may be affecting speech development. The complete kit includes the test manual, 30 record forms, and the CD. Record forms in the manual and on the CD may be reproduced for use in assessment. The CD is available NOW. Assessment of Sound Awareness and Production #40441-C23 ASAP Complete Kit with CD $109.00 #40442-C23 ASAP Record Forms (30) $35.00