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Bilingual Language Proficiency Questionnaire (BLPQ) Larry Mattes, George Santiago, and Linh Nguyen Use this form to obtain information from parents about their child’s development of speech and language skills. Each question is listed on the form in both English and the child’s home language. Space is included below each question for recording the parent’s responses. The questionnaire is used to obtain information about the child’s level of proficiency and functional use of two languages at home. This information is valuable in identifying children who have communication disorders. The kit includes 30 copies of the questionnaire. #4020-C23 English/Spanish Version $20.00 #4021-C23 English/Vietnamese Version $20.00 Bilingual Classroom Communication Profile (BCCP) Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin The BCCP is a teacher interview tool that can be administered to collect information about bilingual children’s use of language in the school setting. The results will help you identify patterns of language use and problems that may be indicative of a communication disorder. The BCCP will also help you pinpoint specific factors in the school environment that may be impacting language development and learning. Speech-language pathologists often use the BCCP to identify students between 4 and 17 years of age who may be in need of further testing. Thirty copies of the teacher interview form are included. #4304-C23 Bilingual Classroom Communication Profile $29.00 ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 83 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Test of Phonological Awareness in Spanish C. A. Riccio, B. Imhoff, J. Hasbrouck, and G. Davis This test for ages 4-0 through 10-11 is used to identify students who may be significantly below their peers in the development of phonological awareness. Subtests include Initial Sounds, Final Sounds, Rhyming Words, and Deletion. Norms were obtained on 1,033 students in Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Test of Phonological Awareness in Spanish (TPAS) #26763-C23 TPAS Complete Kit - Spanish $113.00 #26764-C23 TPAS Record Forms (25) $54.00 Spanish Test for Assessing Morphologic Production (STAMP) Therese M. Nugent, Kenneth G. Shipley, and Dora O. Provencio Ages 5 through 11 The STAMP assesses production of Spanish morphemes as children complete sentences related to the action shown in pictures. An incomplete sentence is presented to the child, and the child is asked to complete that sentence. Plurals, verb endings, and various other structures are examined. The instrument was developed based on an analysis of the structure of the Spanish language. Means and standard deviations are reported for Spanish-speaking students between 5 and 11 years of age. The complete kit includes the examiner’s manual, picture book, and 50 record forms. Spanish Test for Assessing Morphologic Production #4034-C23 STAMP- Complete Kit $85.00 #4036-C23 STAMP Record Forms (50) $30.00 Assess Spanish grammar using an easy-toadminister sentence completion task. Includes normative information and guidelines for test interpretation!