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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 82 ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM) Larry J. Mattes Ages 3 through Adult The revised edition of this popular instrument can be used to assess consonant production and use of phonological processes in Spanish. The second edition includes improvements in task content and format. The instrument can be used with children or adults. Vocabulary words that are familiar to young children are emphasized in the tasks. The Spontaneous Word Production Task is used to assess production of individual phonemes and use of phonological processes such as cluster reduction, stridency deletion, velar fronting, stopping, and syllable reduction. Also included are tasks designed specifically to assess the child’s use of velars, stridents, frequently misarticulated phonemes, etc. The tasks are designed to be easy to administer and score. Research related to the Spanish-speaking child’s acquisition of phonology is summarized to facilitate interpretation of test results. Bilingual classroom teachers or trained bilingual paraprofessionals can administer many of the assessment measures. The manual includes a variety of reproducible assessment forms. The optional CD includes the reproducible record forms from the manual and additional forms that will be helpful in collecting information about the student’s functional use of speech. Reproducible information to help teachers record observations and make appropriate referrals is also included on the CD. Use SAM in conjunction with ASAP (see page 95) to assess bilingual speakers in English also. Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM) #49131-C23 SAM Kit with 50 Record Forms $94.00 #49131X-C23 SAM Kit with 50 Forms and CD $120.00 #49131CD-C23 SAM CD $34.00 #49151-C23 SAM Record Forms (Pack of 50) $39.00 Spanish Language Assessment Procedures (SLAP) Larry J. Mattes Ages 3 through 9 This instrument includes a variety of criterionreferenced measures for assessing the pragmatic and structural aspects of the Spanish language. The tasks can be used to assess skills such as the ability to understand basic concepts, communicate basic needs, follow oral directions, retell short stories, request information, describe events in sequence, make inferences, express opinions, and ask questions. An articulation screening instrument is included. This instrument is criterion-referenced rather than norm-referenced. New vocabulary tasks have been An easy-to-use instrument for assessing children who speak Spanish! added to this edition that may be administered in Spanish and English. The manual includes guidelines for using assessment results in the identification of children with communication disorders. The complete kit includes the test manual and 30 copies of each record form. Spanish Language Assessment Procedures #40701-C23 SLAP Complete Kit with Forms $85.00 #40702-C23 SLAP Language Record Forms (30)$24.00 #40703-C23 SLAP Articulation Forms (30) $20.00