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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 88 ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test (CREVT-3) Gerald Wallace and Donald D. Hammill Full-color pictures are used in this norm-referenced, comprehensive test of receptive and expressive vocabulary for individuals 4-0 through 89-11 years of age. On the receptive subtest, the examinee is asked to select the picture that goes best with a word presented by the examiner. The expressive subtest assesses the individual’s ability to define words. Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test #2700-C23 CREVT-3 Complete Kit $357.00 #2706-C23 CREVT-3 Record Form A (25) $67.00 #2707-C23 CREVT-3 Record Form B (25) $67.00 Test of Early Language Development (TELD-4) Wayne P. Hresko, D. Kim Reid, and Donald D. Hammill Ages 2-0 through 7-11 The fourth edition of this popular norm-referenced assessment instrument includes both receptive and expressive language subtests. This test assesses a variety of language skills and can be administered in 20 minutes or less. Language form and content are assessed. Two alternative equivalent forms of the test are included. Test of Early Language Development (TELD-4) #22301-C23 TELD-4 Complete Kit $467.00 #22302A-C23 TELD-4 Record Form A (25) $85.00 #22303B-C23 TELD-4 Record Form B (25) $85.00 Test of Phonological Awareness 2nd Edition: Plus Joseph K. Torgeson and Brian R. Bryant This norm-referenced instrument for ages 5 through 8 measures awareness of the individual sounds within English words. The instrument can be administered individually or to groups of children. Letter-sound correspondence subtests have been added to the second edition. Test of Phonological Awareness – Second Edition Plus (TOPA-2+) #26760-C23 TOPA-2+ Complete Kit $283.00