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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 87 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Test of Word Finding (TWF-3) Diane German Ages 4-6 through 12-11 This norm-referenced test can be used to diagnose wordfinding disorders quickly and reliably. The skills assessed include Picture Naming (Nouns), Picture Naming (Verbs), Sentence Completion Naming, and Picture Naming (Categories). Five supplemental analyses are included. Test of Word Finding (TWF-3) #29874- C23 TWF-3 Complete Kit for Children $533.00 #20075X-C23 TWF3 Record Forms (10 of each) $96.00 Test of Adolescent/Adult Word Finding (TAWF-2) Ages 12 through 80 This norm-referenced test is similar in structure and format to the edition for children. Both speed and accuracy of word retrieval are assessed. Test of Adolescent/Adult Word Finding (TAWF-2) #29876-C23 TAWF-2 Complete Kit $436.00 #29877X-C23 TAWF-2 Record Forms (25) $67.00 Test of Written Language (TOWL–4) Donald D. Hammill and Stephen C. Larsen Ages 9 through 17-11 This norm-referenced, assessment instrument uses both essay formats and traditional test formats to assess written language. Skills assessed include Vocabulary, Spelling, Punctuation, Logical Sentences, Sentence Combining, Contextual Conventions, and Story Composition. Norms were collected on over 2,500 children. Test of Written Language (TOWL-4) #2250-C23TOWL-4 Complete Kit $310.00 #2254-C23TOWL-4 Response Forms, Set A (25) $68.00 #2255-C23TOWL-4 Response Forms, Set B (25) $68.00 #2256-C23TOWL-4 Record/Story Forms (50) $64.00 Standardized Reading Inventory (SRI-2) Phyllis Newcomer Ages 6 through 14 The Standardized Reading Inventory (SRI-2) is both norm referenced and criterion referenced. Each form consists of 10 graded passages ranging from preprimer to eighth-grade level. Oral and silent reading are assessed. Students respond to comprehension questions related to the reading passages. Standardized Reading Inventory (SRI-2) #28875-C23 SRI-2 Complete Kit $361.00 Pragmatic Communication Skills Protocol Ages 3 through 11 The Pragmatic Communication Skills Protocol is a handy informal record form that can be used to record observations of children’s pragmatic uses of language. Information is recorded based on observations in natural contexts. #4737-C23 PCSP (30 copies) $17.95 Gray Diagnostic Reading Test (GDRT-2) Ages 6 through 18 This norm-referenced test has four subtests: Letter/ Word Identification, Phonetic Analysis, Reading Vocabulary, and Meaningful Reading. Supplemental subtests include Listening Vocabulary, Rapid Naming, and Phonological Analysis. Norms were collected on over 1,000 students. This is an excellent tool for gauging reading progress. Gray Diagnostic Reading Test GDRT-2) #20965-C23 GDRT-2 Complete Kit $338.00