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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 85 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Screening for Central Auditory Processing Difficulties Dorothy A. Kelly This criterion-referenced screening instrument can be used to pinpoint auditory processing difficulties that may be affecting a child’s functioning in the classroom. The instrument is designed so that screenings can be conducted in kindergarten and second Sourcebook for Speech and Language Assessment Second Edition Larry J. Mattes The second edition of this comprehensive resource includes a collection of tools for assessing articulation, language, voice, and fluency. Instruments for children and adults are included and all of the assessment record forms may be reproduced. Guidelines are presented for conducting assessments, distinguishing differences from disorders, and determining whether or not intervention is warranted. Language and Auditory Processing • Following directions • Answering questions • Concept comprehension • Labeling nouns and describing functions • Category naming • Verbal explanation skills • Verbal description skills • Synonyms and antonyms • Word definitions • Phonemic awareness • Problem-solving • Grammatical morphemes • Irregular verbs . . . and much, much more! Phonology, Voice, and Fluency • Imitative articulation screening test • Spontaneous production articulation test • Picture-naming tasks for individual phonemes • Phonological process measures • Assessing stuttering behaviors • Assessing abnormalities in voice production Bilingual/Multicultural • Bilingual usage history • Assessing differences in dialect • Functional assessment of language proficiency The second edition covers Response-to-Intervention and includes tools for identifying performance deficits that are relevant to the achievement of academic curriculum standards. Additional tools are also included for individuals with autism and others who have difficulty responding to traditional testing approaches. The optional CD includes the reproducible record forms from the book. Sourcebook for Speech and Language Assessment #49903-C23 Book Only $59.00 #49903BCD-C23 Book and CD $74.00 Here is a comprehensivemanual of ready-to-use, reproducible assessment tasks, checklists, and record forms. grade. The instrument can also be administered in other grade levels when children are referred for testing. Tasks such as repeating syllables, following oral directions, associating sounds with their source, and repeating digits are included. The results will be helpful in identifying processing difficulties that may be affecting performance in the classroom. Screening for Central Auditory Processing Difficulties #49965-C23 SCAPD Complete Kit $69.00 #49966-C23 SCAPD Record Forms (50) $39.00