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BILINGUAL / MULTICULTURAL 77 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Language Learning Everywhere We Go Cecilia Casas and Patricia Portillo Ages 4 through 10 As students travel with Bernardo Bear to the park, laundromat, symphony, barber shop, supermarket, bakery, and other places, they learn the vocabulary associated with each situation. A short story is included for each of the 103 reproducible situation pictures in this book. Children learn vocabulary and improve their expressive language skills as they listen to the story and talk about the situation shown in the picture. Each short story is followed by thinking questions. Activities in English and Spanish! Questions and vocabulary lists are included in English and Spanish for each picture. #4824-C23 Language Learning Everywhere $37.00 The Incredible City English and Spanish Language Activity Kit Ellen L. Shulman Ages 6 through 11 Use stories about the school, library, zoo, and 17 other places in the city to strengthen association skills, vocabulary, sequencing, and other basic language skills. All activities are presented in English and Spanish so that they can be used with speakers of either language. An activity book, game cards, playing pieces, and a full-color game board are included. #4332-C23 The Incredible City $38.95 Basic Concepts for Language Learners English and Spanish Ages 4 through 8 This book includes pictures and activities designed to help preschoolers and children in the primary grades understand and use basic classroom concepts such as on, in, under, behind, beside, in front, between, near, far, together, separated, inside, and outside. Pictures of common classroom objects are used in the activities. Sentences are presented in English and Spanish in the manual so that you can offer instruction to both English and Spanish speakers. #4819-C23 Basic Concepts for Language Learners $34.00 Spanish Articulation Picture Cards Here is a collection of ready-to-use, inexpensive Spanish articulation cards. Sounds are represented in eight or more words in each word position. The 5.5" x 8.5" cards are printed on index stock. The card set includes /r/, /l/, /p/, /t/, /k/, and /s/. Each card includes a picture and a printed word. #49978-C23 Spanish Articulation Cards $29.00 caballo cama