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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 78 BILINGUAL / MULTICULTURAL Comprehensive MUST-HAVE resource Featuring the information YOU NEED! Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource Larry J. Mattes and Irene Garcia-Easterly This practical resource includes information and materials that will help you implement speech-language intervention programs with bilingual children and adults from Hispanic backgrounds. The book includes information about communication disorders in Spanishspeaking students and a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use word lists, record forms, informational handouts, and other resources. Both monolingual and bilingual professionals will find this book to be an essential tool when assessing the needs of their clients. Partial Listing of Contents: • Communication differences commonly observed in Spanish speakers learning English • Guidelines for selecting the language of instruction • Structural differences between English and Spanish • Word lists for vocabulary, spatial concepts, irregular verbs, and other language structures • Words that vary in different Spanish dialects • Descriptive words in English and Spanish • Suggestions for working with Spanish speakers who have augmentative communication needs • Common idiomatic expressions in Spanish • Words relating to feelings and basic needs • Word and phrase lists for apraxia of speech • Synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words • Words for phonological awareness training • Word lists for Spanish phonemes • Ready-to-use communication checklists • Strategies for providing culturally relevant language activities • Remediation suggestions for word retrieval deficits in children and adults • Suggestions for writing IEP objectives in Spanish …AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! #45555-C23 Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource $39.50 Develop effective intervention programs in Spanish or English using the resources in this book! Bilingual Language Picture Resource This easy-to-use book includes reproducible pictures of people, food, activities, household items, school items, and other words that are commonly encountered at home and at school. Words for each of the pictures are listed in English, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, French, and Japanese. The pictures can be used with languageimpaired clients or second language learners. Language scenes that can be used to develop descriptive language skills are also included. #49949-C23 Bilingual Language Picture Resource $32.00 Includes Lists in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Vietnamese!