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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 76 BILINGUAL / MULTICULTURAL Language Activities for Young Hispanic Children English and Spanish Cristina Saldaña-Illingworth Ages 4 through 8 This book includes reproducible language activities, developmental checklists, and parent handouts in English and Spanish. The activities provide a wide range of language experiences as children follow directions, respond to questions, talk about common nouns during play activities, and more. The reproducible handouts for parents include information about communication disorders and strategies for promoting language development at home. Activities can be presented in English, Spanish, or both languages. #48013-C23 Language Activities for Young Hispanic Children $35.00 Bilingual Language Activity Book for Auditory Processing Skills Deanna Lengua Ages 6 through 14 Present high-interest auditory processing activities in English, Spanish, or both languages using the practical worksheet activities in this book. Short stories and thinking activities are included. Skills emphasized include answering questions about story details, following auditory directions, finishing incomplete sentences, recalling information, identifying absurdities in verbal statements, identifying words from descriptions, and MORE! #48015-C23 BLAB for Auditory Processing $35.00 Second Edition Assessing Asian Language Performance Guidelines for Evaluating Limited-English-Proficient Students Li-Rong Lilly Cheng This book includes the information that speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, and other members of the assessment team need to conduct assessments in a nondiscriminatory manner. In this comprehensive volume, you will find information about Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, and other languages. The book also presents important information about cultural differences in the pragmatic uses of language and how these differences affect performance in the school environment. Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, a speech-language pathologist, has lectured nationwide on issues relating to the assessment of students from Asian language backgrounds. #4800-C23 Assessing Asian Language Performance $34.00