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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 68 VOICE AND FLUENCY Understanding Stuttering Information for Parents and Teachers Dennis Tanner This inexpensive booklet answers the questions most often asked by parents about stuttering. The booklet includes information about the causes of stuttering, procedures commonly used in treatment, and suggestions for parents and family members. The author emphasizes the important role that parents and teachers play in the treatment of stuttering. Understanding Stuttering #40688-C23 Single Copy $5.50 #40689-C23 Package of 5 copies $24.00 Using Your Best Voice Ages 3 through 11 This 288-page book includes over 150 voice activities and is one of the most comprehensive resources available. High interest activities, a CD, and practical guidelines for program development are included. #29873-C23 UsingYour BestVoice $66.00 Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Adolescents and Adults Dennis C. Tanner, Wendy Belliveau, and Gib Seibert Ages 13 through Adult This book offers a pragmatic approach to the treatment of stuttering in adolescents and adults. The authors emphasize the importance of providing opportunities for clients to practice newly acquired speaking strategies in a variety of contexts, as language is used for various purposes. The strategies help clients to take responsibility for changing their own behavior. Strategies are also included to help clients reduce muscular tension and feelings of anxiety associated with stuttering. Reproducible record forms are included. The kit includes the activity manual and a copy of the Relaxation Training CD for Stuttering. #4602-C23 Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Adolescents and Adults $39.00 Relaxation Training CD for Stuttering Ages 10 through Adult Now you can provide a personal copy of this progressive relaxation training CD to clients who stutter. #4078-C23 Relaxation Training CD $19.95 Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Children Dennis C. Tanner Ages 7 through 12 This practical stuttering intervention program focuses on the child’s fluency, attitudes, feelings, and his/her effectiveness in the pragmatic aspects of communication. The activities provide opportunities for clients to practice fluent speech as they tell stories, answer questions, request information, express opinions, and use language for various other speaking purposes. The materials provide a systematic approach to intervention. #4601-C23 Pragmatic Stuttering intervention for Children $38.00 A pragmatic approach to stuttering intervention