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VOICE AND FLUENCY 67 TOLL FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 The FLAIR manual is packed with ready-to-use listening time activities, short stories, role-playing activities, and game activities that help children communicate fluently during social interactions. Fluency Assessment and Intervention Resource #40088-C23 Complete Kit $59.00 Fluency Assessment and Intervention Resource (FLAIR) Maryann Peins Ages 4 through 9 Here is a collection of high-interest activities and games that you can use to build fluency in children with stuttering problems. Students learn the “feel of slow speech” as they practice easy movements of the articulators during speech production. Special features include easy-to-use tasks for assessing fluency, high-interest lessons, a short story audio CDwith lively songs that reinforce“easy speech,” and a full-color game board. The programwas developed based on a review of researchbased therapy approaches that have been found to be effective in improving fluency. Strategies to promote forward-flowing speech and a reduction in speaking rate serve as a basis for many of the lessons. FLAIR is designed to improve self-monitoring of speech and to promote transfer to real-life situations by engaging the support of parents, teachers, and others. Key components of the approach are the following: • Rate reduction • Forward-moving speech • Self-monitoring • Establishing an ideal speaking rate • Facilitating transfer The book offers a comprehensive collection of reproducible assessment tools including the Classroom Fluency Questionnaire, Fluency Questionnaire for Parents, Disfluency Analysis form, Pragmatic Assessment of Fluency, and instruments for the direct assessment of fluency. FLAIR is a comprehensive, systematic fluency program! Save $10 only $59.00 Fluency Highway Ages 5 through 11 Use high-interest game activities to help children who stutter. The game activity cards challenge students to ask questions, give directions, and use language for various other purposes as they interact with peers. Task items can be adapted easily to meet the needs of individual students. The kit includes a spinner, playing cards, and a full-color playing board. #499972-C23 Fluency Highway $22.00 FLUENCY HIGHWAY Stuttering in the Classroom This package includes 30 copies of a four-page handout, designed to provide teachers with information about stuttering. A reproducible referral checklist is included. #4079-C23 Stuttering in the Classroom $15.00 Voice Disorders in the Classroom This four-page handout provides teachers and others with basic information about voice disorders so that appropriate referrals can be made. Thirty copies are included. #4080-C23 VoiceDisorders in the Classroom $15.00