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READING AND WRITING 69 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 DAY-TO-DAY LIFE SKILLS SERIES Ellen McPeek-Glisan Day-to-Day Life Skills: SPEAKING Ages 11 through Adult Here is a collection of easy-to-use activities to help students develop the communication skills necessary to share information with others and respond appropriately in daily social interactions. Examples of skills emphasized include relaying messages, giving directions, using the telephone, ordering in a restaurant, explaining a problem to the doctor, answering common questions, communicating during an interview, and answering questions. Students in special education programs who have difficulty using speech to interact with others will benefit from the activities in this book. #49976-C23 Day-to-Day Life Skills: Speaking $32.00 Day-to-Day Life Skills: WRITING Ages 11 through Adult The activities in this book help students to develop the writing skills necessary to communicate basic information in a variety of situations. Writing personal information on forms, writing phone messages, spelling common names, addressing envelopes, making notes on a calendar, making lists, taking notes, and sending personal messages are among the skills emphasized in this practical instructional resource. #49974-C23 Day-to-Day Life Skills: Writing $32.00 Day-to-Day Life Skills: READING Ages 11 through Adult The activities in this book help students with language and learning disabilities develop the reading skills needed to function effectively in a variety of daily life situations. The lessons give students practice in reading phone books, road signs, food labels, charts, tables, and other types of printed material that they encounter at home and in the community. Students also learn reading skills that will be helpful in using the Internet. #49975-C23 Day-to-Day Life Skills: Reading $32.00 when you order ALL THREE BOOKS in the Day-to-Day Life Skills Series! #49977-C23 Day-to-Day Life Skills Series $90.00 Save $6.00