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Assessment of Sound Awareness and Production (ASAP) Kit and Multicultural CD (#40441-IN)

Ages 3 and up. Now you can use one instrument to assess phonological awareness, use of phonological processes, and production of speech sounds. This comprehensive battery of informal criterion-referenced assessment measures can be used to identify learning needs and to plan instructional programs. The kit now includes a CD with reproducible forms that can be helpful in distinguishing articulation differences from disorders. Forms are included for use with speakers of African American English, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. No speech-language pathologist should be without this practical tool.

When using ASAP, you do not administer the entire battery to every student. This is not a traditional test that requires use of a specific set of subtests. You select tasks based on the type of information that YOU need. You may, for example, use only the Spontaneous Word Production Task if you want a general measure of articulation skills.
The ASAP is much more helpful in developing IEPs than a traditional articulation test. Users of traditional measures also use ASAP because it includes so many measures that you won't find in any single assessment tool. The ASAP is not designed to provide percentiles or to give "cutoff scores" for program placement. It provides descriptive information that helps you pinpoint skills that the student needs to learn and to plan intervention.

Phonological Awareness Measures
Tasks are included for each of the following:

  • Processing Auditory Differences
  • Identifying Rhming Word Pairs
  • Producing Rhyming Words
  • Associating Words with Identical Initial Sounds
  • Associating Words with Identical Final Sounds
  • Isolating Initial Sounds in Words
  • Isolating Medial Sounds in Words
  • Isolating Final Sounds in Words
  • Using Sounds to Complete Words
  • Breaking Down Words into Component Sounds
  • Deleting Initial Sounds
  • Deleting Final Sounds
  • Using Sound Cues to Complete Words
  • Using Sound Cues to Complete Sentences
  • Replacing Initial Sounds Within Words
  • Blending Two Sounds
  • Blending Three Sounds (Consonant- Vowel -Consonant)
  • Blending Four Sounds (Words with Consonant Clusters)
  • Identifying Syllables within Words
  • Identifying the Position of Sound Changes
  • Using Sounds to Spell Nonsense Syllables
  • Associating Sounds with Letters
Articulation/Phonology Measures
  • Spontaneous Word Production Task- The Spontaneous Word Production Task provides a quick assessment of phonemes and phonological processes. Each sound is assessed in the initial, medial, and final position of words as the student names pictures.
  • Word and Sentence Repetition Tasks- These tasks assess production of speech sounds as the child repeats a word or sentence.
  • Phonological Process Probes- Tasks are included for assessing use of common phonological processes such as cluster reduction, stridency deletion, and velar fronting.
  • Consonant Production Probes- Each task in this section is used to assess production of a specific phoneme. Eighteen commonly misarticulated phonemes are included. Tasks are also included for assessing clusters containing /s/, /r/, and /l/. The tasks for /k/, for example, includes items for assessing sound production when repeating words, repeating sentences, and naming pictures. The record form for this sound includes space for recording observations during conversational speech and listing percent correct responses.
  • Storytelling Articulation Task - Articulation is assessed as the student retells a short picture story

    Most "articulation tests" consist of a picture naming task and not much more. ASAP differs from these measures in that it allows for a more in-depth assessment of specific phonemes. If a student has problems producing /r/, for example, you can do a more in-depth assessment of sound production using both structured tasks and conversational speech samples. Therefore, you can customize your assessment based on what you observe.

Assessing Bilingual/Multicultural Students
he recently released CD includes forms designed for use when assessing the English articulation skills of speakers of African American English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The forms list specific articulation features common among speakers of a particular language or dialect. The form for African American English, for example, lists differences in phonological production that are often incorrectly viewed as "errors" on standardized articulation tests. The information obtained by using these forms will be helpful in distinguishing children who are developing skills in a typical manner from those who may need special help.

The complete kit includes the test manual, multcultural assessment CD, and 30 record forms for the Spontaneous Word Production Task. Other record forms may be reproduced directly from the manual or CD.

Why do you need the ASAP? Many instruments are available to identify "phoneme production error," but most of these measures do not provide enough information about specific problems that the student seems to be having. This assessment battery provides a wealth of information about student performance that you simple don't get from other assessment products.


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Assessment of Sound Awareness and Production (ASAP) Kit and Multicultural CD

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Speech and Language Therapy - Augmentative Communication - Occupational Therapy - Bilingual/ESL- Remedial Reading - Learning Disabilities

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