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Sound Funtastics -Save $13.00 (#40697-IN)

Important Note: This product is available in both a printed book format and a CD format. You save noney if you order both formats at the same time.

Ages 5 through 8. The activities in this book can be used to teach speech sounds, remediate phonological processes, and enhance phonemic awareness. Students practice sounds as they rhyme words, manipulate sounds within words, complete sentences, and tell stories. Minimal word pairs are presented in pictures. In addition to helping students with speech production, the activities target areas of phonemic awareness that are critical for success in meeting academic curriculum standards. This practical resource includes high-interest activities that students can use both at school and at home. Why not integrate phonemic awareness activities with your speech improvement exercises to build skills that are essential for speech improvement and for classroom success.

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Think About Sounds. The activities in this section can be used to target phonological processes such as voicing alterations, stridency deletion, final consonant deletion, velar fronting, liquid deviations, and cluster reduction. The activities challenge students to rhyme words, change sounds within words, and use specific sounds to complete sentences.
  • Sound Challenge. The activities in this section facilitate phonemic awareness as students manipulate sounds in a variety of ways. Example: "Change the last sound in tip to /k/."
  • Sound Contrast Picture Fun. Each page in this section includes two pictures that represent a minimal pair (e.g., pear - bear). Students can be asked to think of words that rhyme with the pictured words or to think of words that have similar features.
  • Listen to the Story. Students are asked to respond to questions relating to the content of stories that emphasize specific commonly misarticulated sounds.
  • Tell a Story. Students are asked to finish incomplete stories, using words with their target sounds.

The book focuses on the remediation of sounds and processes commonly targeted (e.g., stops, stridents, final consonants, "'front sounds" (/t/, /d/, /k/, /g/) liquids (/r/, /l/), and clusters

Reproducible worksheets are included.

The CD includes the entire book in a PDF format that can be used if you have Adobe Reader on your computer. This program is available at no charge from
The printed book edition and the CD edition are the same price if ordered separately. Save money when you order both the book and CD at the same time. The CD makes it easy to print out copies of the reproducible book pages.
Note: No "discount codes" or "coupon discounts" will be applied when ordering this product because it is already significantly discounted.
Product Numbers
Book only: #40697-IN
CD only: #40697CD-IN
Both book and CD: #40697BCD-IN
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Sound Funtastics -Save $13.00

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