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Explain the Meaning (#43251-IN)

Ages 9 and up. Each activity in this book focuses on a common idiomatic expression. The literal meaning of the expression is represented in a humorous 8.5"x 11" illustration. Sentences and short stories are presented to illustrate use of each idiom. The activity worksheets relate to the content of the short stories and to the meaning of idiomatic expressions used within the stories. The humorous pictures make learning fun.

Partial Listing of Story Titles

  • Don't Stick Your Nose Where it Doesn't Belong
  • You're Rubbing Me the Wrong Way
  • Brandon Pulls Himself Up by His Bootstraps
  • Jason Takes the Floor
  • Sandy Went Out on a Limb
  • Tom Finally Saw the Light
  • Randy Blows His Top
  • Arnold Cuts Corners
  • Juan Puts His Foot in His Mouth
  • Remember to Keep a Stiff Upper Lip
  • Bill and Andrea Like to Stick Together
  • Eliza Tries to Keep Her Nose Clean


The printed book edition and the CD edition are the same price if ordered separately. Save money when you order both the book and CD at the same time. The CD includes the COMPLETE BOOK and makes it easy to print out copies of the reproducible book pages.
Product Numbers
Book only: #43251-IN
CD only: #43251CD-IN
Both book and CD: #43251BCD-IN
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Explain the Meaning

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