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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 8 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING Processing Auditory Directions Developed by ACA Ages 5 through 10 Use the reproducible activities in this book to build listening skills and basic concepts as children process auditory directions. The book emphasizes directions relevant to completing worksheets and various tasks within the classroom. Concepts relating to size, location, shape, and time are emphasized. Activities targeting multistep directions are included! The activities can be adapted easily for use with diverse student populations. The worksheet activities may be reproduced for use in instruction. Processing Auditory Directions #42402-C23 Printed Book $34.00 #42402CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $34.00 #42402BCD-C23 Book and CD $49.00 The BOOK of LOVE is here! Book of Listening and Oral Vocabulary Exercises (Book of LOVE) Larry J. Mattes and Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 11 through 17 Here is a collection of high-interest activities that can be used to develop auditory processing, vocabulary comprehension, memory, and oral communication skills. Each lesson targets words commonly encountered in magazines, newspapers, and classroom reading material. The topic-centered activities give students practice in defining words and using these words within sentence contexts. Skills emphasized include giving precise word definitions, comparing word meanings, using context to facilitate comprehension, and constructing meaningful sentences. The product is available in a book or CD format. Book of LOVE #49571-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #49571CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #49571BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00