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LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 7 Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents with Special Needs Katie Sciurba and the ACA Staff Ages 13 through 19 Teach vocabulary to adolescents with vocabulary deficits using informational articles that provide meaningful contexts for teaching vocabulary words commonly used within the curriculum. As students participate in the activities, they learn about important topics such as finding employment, protecting the environment, dealing with peer pressure, and cultural differences. The articles may be presented orally to students. Worksheet activities challenge students to respond to questions, define words, and use vocabulary in sentences. Words such as hazardous, regulations, survival, efficient, and qualifications are targeted. A CD with the complete book is also available. Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents with Special Needs #41003-C23 Printed Book Only $37.00 #41003CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #41003BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00 © 2010 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. 110 Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents Oil Spills and the Environment Oil is an important source of energy that is becoming more expensive. Oil is used to produce the fuel we use in our cars and trucks. When oil prices increase, the price of gasoline increases. We depend on oil from from other parts of the world. Accidents sometimes occur when oil is transported in large ocean vessels. These accidents may cause oil tanks to puncture. Some oil tanks are located deep in the ocean. A major catastrophe can occur if these tanks puncture. It is not easy to plug up oil tanks located deep in the ocean. The oil spill caused by these leaks poses a threat to ocean life. A spill is detrimental to sea creatures because they cannot clean the oil from their bodies. Fish often die from exposure to large amounts of oil. Birds may die because the oil prevents them from flying. If they cannot fly, they cannot catch their food. Some people earn their income by finshing and selling the fish that they catch. If the ocean is contaminated, the fish may not be healthy to eat. Many people like to surf or swim in the ocean. Following an oil spill, the water in the ocean may be hazardous to your health. It is important to plug up tanks that are leaking oil and to clean up following a major spill. Oil spills have caused serious problems for the environment. It can take years for the environment to recover from this type of pollution. We need to do everything that we can to prevent oil spills from occurring. Student:_______________________________ Date:_______________ Article #20 Topic-centered lessons build vocabulary for the curriculum and daily life Build vocabulary emphasized within the school curriculum! Communication Activities and Reproducible Exercises (CARE) © 2010 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. CARE Language Processing Activity Resource 36 ____ 1. A healthy diet is essential for a rapid recovery following illness. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2. The preceding television program was based on an actual event. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 3. Sometimes citizens are accused of crimes that they did not commit. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 4. We need access to resources that can assist earthquake victims. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 5. The governor’s opinions about taxes are controversial. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 6. Mark’s contributions to the discussion were irrelevant to the problem being discussed. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 7. The inspection identified severe damage to the rear axle of the car. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 8. The doctor was not convinced that the medicine would be effective. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 9. Cars function best if provided with the recommended maintenance. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____10. The prompt delivery of mail is a high priority. _______________________________________________________________________________ Rephrases Sentences Worksheet #4-10 Name: ___________________________ Date:__________________ Instructions: Ask the student to rephrase each sentence by creating a sentence that has the same meaning. Activity 4 CARE Language Processing Intervention Resource Ages 12 through Adult This book includes language processing exercises and reproducible worksheet pages to help older children and adults who have difficulty processing and using language. The activities challenge students to recall information and to think about what they hear in sentences and paragraphs. Students also practice using contextual information to facilitate comprehension. Listening passages in CARE focus on topics such as recycling, protecting animals, and interacting with people who have disabilities. Skills emphasized include using contextual information, identifying words with similar meanings, rephrasing sentences, combining details to create sentences, defining words, explaining idioms, recalling steps in a process, recalling details from messages, and making inferences. The lessons and reproducible worksheets in the book can be used to build critical language processing skills and to strengthen word retrieval. The activities are designed so that they can be easily modified to meet the specific learning needs of students. New expanded CD The CD edition has been expanded to include the entire book plus supplemental activity pages. CARE Language Processing Intervention Resource #41001-C23 Printed Book Only $37.00 #41001CD-C23 CD Only $37.00 #41002-C23 Book and CD $52.00