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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 74 READING ANDWRITING Sound Out Chapter Books Ages 7 through 12 or Older Remedial Learners Use these 32-page “chapter books” to help students with special learning needs develop word decoding skills. Set A targets the short and long vowel sounds. Set B targets diphthongs, controlled vowels, silent letters, and consonant blends. #08830-C23 Sound Out Set A1 (six books) $26.00 #08831-C23 Sound Out Set B1 (six books) $26.00 Skill Booster Series Ages 8 through 17 The 14 books in this series have a grade 3 readability level and include reproducible worksheet activities to strengthen basic skills that are critical for success in the classroom curriculum. Each book focuses on one of the following topics: Subjects and Predicates - Four Kinds of Sentences - Contractions - Plurals and Possessives - Word Endings - Antonyms - Synonyms - Homonyms - Abbreviations - Compounds - Syllables - Prefixes - Suffixes - Clipped Words. #78001-C23 Skill Booster Series (14 books) $99.95 Reading Comprehension Workbooks Ignite the interest of your special needs students with these high-interest activity workbooks. Comprehension questions test for main idea, critical thinking, inference, recalling details, and sequencing. Each set includes 3 books. These books are great for struggling readers and students in special education programs. Reading Comprehension Workbooks #69032-C23 Second Grade Readability $31.00 #69033-C23 Third Grade Readability $31.00 #69035-C23 Fifth Grade Readability $31.00 High Interest/Low Readability Series Each book includes 88 intriguing short stories, 88 extended writing activities, and over 400 comprehension activities. Titles included are Amazing Facts, Famous People, Places, and Events, and Outstanding Americans. Stories are arranged in order of difficulty. Finding facts, identifying main ideas, vocabulary and word analysis, making inferences, detecting sequences, and other skills are emphasized. Readability Level: Grades 2 through 4. #78100-C23 High Interest/Low Readability $43.00 Four vocabularybuilding books for ONLY $59.00 Vocabulary and More Build vocabulary and the comprehension of multiple meanings using books with readability levels between Grades 2 and 5. Each book targets a variety of skills that are critical for language and literacy. These books are great for students with language learning difficulties and students learning English. Four books with reproducible worksheets are included. #69043-C23 Vocabulary and More $59.00 DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS AND SOFTWARE PRODUCTS Many ACA publications can now be downloaded directly from our website. The PDF file format makes it easy to print out reproducible worksheets. Visit our website today!