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I need my hat AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 60 SIGN LANGUAGE Give this inexpensive booklet to each of your students. Watch Me, I’m Signing! Ages 5 through 10 Now you can provide each of your students with a sign language booklet showing 48 basic signs. Children and animal characters demonstrate the signs. Your students will enjoy using this booklet to communicate words in sign language. Twelve copies of the booklet are included. #49922-C23 Watch Me I’m Signing $17.00 Sign Language Cards and Games Ages 5 and Up Use these cards to introduce your students to American Sign Language. Each card includes a printed word and the sign for that word. Cards showing nouns and verbs include illustrations. Each of the 60 cards is 5.5" x 8.5". Games that can be played using the cards are included. #40662-C23 Sign Language Cards and Games $31.00 Sign Language Sentence Builders Now children can practice reading and signing sentences. This kit focuses on 96 common words that are frequently used in classroom reading material. Students read and sign sentences on sentence strips. They also create their own sentences by combining cards containing signs or printed words. #48093-C23 Sign Language Sentence Builders $29.00 SIGNsation Ages 4 through 11 Use the sign language bingo boards and worksheets in this book to teach basic signs to children. A core vocabulary of 40 words is emphasized in the activities. All of the game boards may be reproduced. The activities are great for teaching basic signs to children in the general education curriculum or children with special learning needs. #49923-C23 SIGNsation $19.00