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SIGN LANGUAGE 59 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Sign Language for Special Learners Ages 5 and Up Use the reproducible American Sign Language pictures in this book to teach signs for food, clothing, common objects, everyday activities, colors, basic needs, transportation, medical care, grooming, feelings, and other personal needs. Signs for numbers and letters of the alphabet are also included. Signs are organized by category (e.g., clothing) for ease of use. This book is an outstanding resource for programs that serve nonverbal students, students with developmental disabilities, or students with hearing impairments. All of the sign language symbols may be reproduced for use in instruction. Sign Language for Special Learners #40687-C23 Printed Book $36.00 #40687CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $36.00 #40687BCD-C23 Book and CD $51.00 James Harrall, a congenitally deaf artist who was paralyzed in both arms and legs, drew the pictures in this book by holding the pen in his mouth! The ABC’s of Sign Language Second Edition Illustrated by James Harrall This book is designed as an introduction to basic vocabulary in sign language. Illustrations showing commonly used ASL signs are included. All words are listed in English and Spanish. #49931-C23 ABC’s of Sign Language $26.00 ENGLISH AND SPANISH! Sign Language Learning Games Now you can use game activities to help students learn common nouns, verbs, and letters of the alphabet in American Sign Language. Each of the playing cards depicts a picture showing a noun, verb, or sign. When a picture showing a noun or action is selected, the student signs the word depicted. If the card contains a sign, the student is asked to identify the word represented. Students can also use the sign language alphabet to fingerspell words. #499918-C23 Sign Language Learning Games $21.00