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Apraxia Intervention Materials for Children (AIM for Children) Chris M. Dausch Ages 4 through 10 Take aim against apraxia and other motor speech disorders with the high-interest, motivating activities in this practical book. Each lesson includes a short story that emphasizes a small number of words with similar sound patterns. The questions and activities that follow each story build language skills as children practice using target speech patterns. #49972-C23 Apraxia Intervention Materials $37.00 Word Retrieval Exercises for Children Developed by ACA Ages 5 through 12 Here is a collection of enjoyable activities that can be used to facilitate word retrieval as children participate in a wide range of language and thinking tasks. Activities in which children label items, categorize words, finish sentences, give synonyms/antonyms, describe events, and give explanations are among the tasks included. The rapid naming games help children retrieve words quickly. Word retrieval tasks related to events described in short stories are also included. Word Retrieval Exercises for Children #49973-C23 Printed Book $38.00 #49773CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $38.00 #49773BCD-C23 Book and CD $53.00 Find the Word Word Retrieval Language Games Ages 5 through 10 Take students with word retrieval difficulties on an exciting hunt for words using the motivating game activities in this kit. As they play, students must identify words from verbal clues, give definitions, and complete sentences. The game activities require precise responses to a variety of question types. The complete kit includes a full-color 11"x 17" playing board, spinner, playing markers, and activity cards. #499971-C23 Find the Word $24.00 FIND THE WORD AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 54 LANGUAGE / SPECIFIC SYNDROMES Help for Apraxia This handy easy-to-use booklet provides information to families about apraxia of speech and the effect that this disorder has on communication. Information about treatment of the disorder is included. You receive 10 copies of the booklet. #49912-C23 Help for Apraxia $13.00