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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 48 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING Knowing What To Say! Language Activities to Promote Effective Social Interaction Larry J. Mattes and Cynthia R. Flowers Ages 10 through 17 Knowing what to say and when to say it is difficult for many students. What should one say if a good friend is engaging in socially undesirable behavior? How should one go about expressing disagreement with a parent or teacher? The language activities in this book help students use language effectively when faced with difficult situations. Each of the 72 short stories in the second edition of this book is presented on a reproducible worksheet. Students can write out their solutions to the problems presented or they can respond orally after listening to the stories. The activities build language and help students learn strategies for effective social interactions. Knowing What to Say #4987-C23 Printed Book $39.00 #4987CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $39.00 #4987BCD-C23 Book and CD $54.00 Second Edition Vocabulary Workouts Exercises for Vocabulary Building Hollis Pass and the ACA Staff Ages 12 through 17 Provide your students with a vocabulary workout as they learn new words and strengthen verbal reasoning skills. Each lesson begins with a short story that is presented orally. Ten vocabulary words are presented in each story. The stories relate to a variety of problems commonly encountered during the adolescent years. Skills emphasized include defining words, using context to identify word meanings, comparing word meanings, using synonyms and antonyms, identifying the grammatical function of words, and answering questions using new words. All activities are presented on reproducible worksheets. Vocabulary Workouts #40691-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #40691CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #40691BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00 Thinking Power Exercises for Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning Kay Campbell and the ACA Staff Ages 9 through 14 Help students with special learning needs improve vocabulary and verbal reasoning skills as they examine topics relevant to their interests and life experiences. The stories and activities in this book provide opportunities for students to practice using vocabulary, verbal reasoning strategies, and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in the regular classroom curriculum. Exercises focus on vocabulary development, sequencing information, expressing opinions, making inferences, analyzing, and predicting. Thinking Power #49915-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #49915CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #49915BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00