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Save $10.00 when you order both The Expressionary and Expression Connection! #49103-C23 The Expressionary and Expression Connection $65.00 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 47 Play It Up A Game for Teaching Idiomatic Expressions Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 9 and Up Teach common idiomatic expressions such as “play it by ear,”“in a pickle,” and “fit to be tied” with this exciting game. Students are asked to define idioms, to identify the idiom that would be most appropriate for a specific context, and to use idioms in various ways. The complete kit includes a hard-back, full-color game board, playing cards, spinner, and playing pieces. #49950-C23 Play It Up $39.00 The Expressionary Expanded Second Edition Mark Schmidek Ages 9 and Up The Expressionary is an essential resource for vocabulary intervention programs. It includes OVER 10,000 expressions with definitions and sentence examples. Now over 500 pages in length, this book targets expressions that are commonly encountered in the curriculum and in everyday conversation. Definitions are short and simple, making this an excellent resource for individuals learning English as a second language or students with language learning disabilities. This book makes it possible to search for expressions by using “focus words.” If you search for the word “foot,” for example, you’ll find a variety of expressions containing this word. The Expressionary includes idiomatic expressions, proverbs, phrasal verbs (e.g., “single out”), collocations (e.g., “let out after”), and even foreign phrases that are commonly used in English. Students can be taught to use this resource in the classroom when they encounter expressions that they do not understand. #49101-C23 The Expressionary $45.00 Expression Connection Mark Schmidek Ages 9 and Up Teach idioms and other common expressions using practical strategies that focus on experiencing, collecting, storing, and retrieving related information. Students learn that common words such as “tune” takes on new meanings when used within expressions such as tune in, in tune, and tune up. #49102-C23 Expression Connection $30.00 Idiom Adventure Card Deck Help children learn idiomatic expressions with this enjoyable card set. Each of the 60 cards in this deck shows the literal meaning of an idiomatic expression. Game suggestions are included. #40001A-C23 Idiom Adventure Cards $12.00 The Expressionary includes over 10,000 expressions! Expanded Second Edition