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LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 45 Flash Pro– TeachingPix2 Software This CD includes 10,000 digital color photographs in 65 different categories. You can show or print 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 pictures at one time with or without a printed word. Dozens of pictures of common verbs are included. The program requires Windows 95 or higher and runs directly from the CD. You can print out pages with or without text. Use this program to develop learning materials for autism and other language learning disabilities. The program runs directly from the CD. #77790-C23 Flash Pro–TeachingPix 2 $89.00 Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules The CD includes over 1,600 photos of children, adolescents and adults doing a variety of functional activities. Areas of focus include daily schedules and routines, personal hygiene/grooming, using the toilet, homework, leisure, simple meal preparation, community, and behavioral rules. This program runs on Windows 95 or higher and Mac 0S 8.5 or higher. #66604-C23 Functional Living Skills $39.95 OVER 1,600 photos! Social Skills at Work CD Ages 14 through Adult The videos on this CD were created to show individuals with disabilities in real-life work settings. The situations teach students to dress appropriately, be friendly, and perform duties cooperatively with others. The CD can be helpful in improving both communication and social interaction skills. Students with developmental disabilities and students on the autism spectrum will benefit from this CD. The software runs on Macintosh Power Mac, OS 8.6 or higher, or Windows 98 or higher. #96684-C23 Social Skills at Work CD $99.00 These photo CD programs are great for building vocabulary and social communication skills. Create and print out picture boards! The programs run onWindows 95 or higher and Mac0S 8.5 or higher. Places You Go, Things You Do - The CD includes over 3,500 photos of activities and places in the community. Topic areas include appointments, classes, dining, leisure, places, shopping, sports, and travel. The CD is compatible with Windows 95 or higher and Mac OS 8.5 or higher. #66601-C23 Places You Go, Things You Do $39.95 School Routines and Rules - The CD includes over 2,000 photos of children engaged in school activities. Use the photos to teach routines, promote skills development, set expectations, foster independence, and teach behavioral rules. The CD is compatible withWindows 95 or higher and Mac OS 8.5 or higher. #66602-C23 School Routines and Rules $44.95 CD Bundle - Save $15.00 This bundle includes 3 CD programs (Places you Go, School Routines and Rules, and Functional Living Skills). #66606-C23 Picture CD Bundle (All 3 CD’s) $109.85 Visit our website to find out about our latest special offers!