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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 44 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING Language Trails Games for Promoting Effective Communication Skills M. Ann Marquis Primary Level: Ages 5 through 8 Intermediate Level: Ages 8 through 11 The activities in this game target category words, vocabulary definitions, pragmatic communication, daily living words and concepts, and questioning skills. As students play the game, they interact with others and use language to achieve specific types of information. Each level of this game includes five card decks, a hardback game board, playing pieces, and an instructor’s manual with reproducible worksheets. Regular price: $39.00 for each game. #49955-C23 Language Trails - Primary $25.00 #49956-C23 Language Trails - Intermediate $25.00 #49957-C23 Language Trails - Both Levels $46.00 Primary Level Intermediate Level The hard-back playing boards are made to last! Games and Activities for Language Awareness (GALA) Ages 4 through 14 This collection of games and activities helps children attain the language awareness necessary for success in acquiring literacy. The activities are designed primarily for students with limited reading skills. Skills emphasized include identifying sounds within words, identifying sound differences, identifying syllables, identifying words within sentences, blending sounds, and using contextual information. The complete kit includes two full-color game boards, reproducible task cards, an activity manual, and playing pieces. #49946-C23 GALA $30.00 Save $13.00 NOW! Regular Price: $43.00 All ACA games are manufactured in the USA. Viewour newdownloadable publications on our website!