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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 91 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-3) James Gilliam Ages 3 through 22 This instrument is used to identify and diagnose autism and to estimate the severity of the problem. Items in the new edition are based on the 2013 diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder adopted by the APA. The instrument is organized into six subscales: Restrictive/Repetitive Behaviors, Social Interaction, Social Communication, Emotional Responses, Cognitive Style, and Maladaptive Speech. The test was normed on over 1,800 subjects. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-3) #26820-C23 GARS-3 Complete Kit $185.00 #26819-C23 GARS-3 Record Forms (50) $67.00 Test of Pragmatic Language (TOPL-2) Diana Phelps-Terasaki and Trisha Phelps-Gunn Ages 6-0 through 18-11 The new edition of this popular norm-referenced test for English-speakers provides information within six core subcomponents of pragmatic communication: Physical Setting, Audience, Topic, Purpose (speech acts), Visual-Gestural Cues, and Abstraction. Each of the items on the test establishes a social context. The new edition includes improvements in test content and easy-to-use goals and objectives. Test of Pragmatic Language (TOPL-2) #2111-C23 TOPL-2 Complete Kit with Forms $291.00 #2668-C23 TOPL-2 Examiner Forms - 6 to 7 years (25) $64.00 #2669-C23 TOPL-2 Examiner Forms - 8 to 18 years (25) $71.00 Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP-2) Richard Wagner, Joseph Torgesen, and Carol Roshotte Ages 5-0 through 24-11 The second edition of this instrument includes new norms and improvements in task items. The CTOPP-2 includes subtests measuring Sound Matching, Blending Words, Elision (removing phonological segments from words), Phoneme Isolation, Blending Nonwords, Segmenting Nonwords, Memory for Digits, Nonword Repetition, Rapid Digit Naming, Rapid Letter Naming, Rapid Color Naming, and Rapid Object Naming. Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP-2) #28930-C23 CTOPP2 Complete Kit $374.00 #28933-C23 CTOPP2 Record Booklets (Ages 4 to 6) (25) $79.00 #28934- C23 CTOPP2 RecordBooklets (Ages 7 to 24) (25) $79.00