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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 90 ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS Stuttering Severity Instrument for Children and Adults (SSI-4) Fourth Edition Glyndon Riley The fourth edition of this popular instrument measures the severity of the client’s stuttering problem and can be used to measure changes in performance during the course of a treatment program. Stuttering Severity Instrument (SSI-4) #26720-C23 SSI-4 Complete Kit $151.00 #26719-C23 SSI-4 Record Forms (50) $71.00 Assessment of Stuttering Behaviors (ASB) Dennis C. Tanner Ages 3 through 6 This fluency assessment instrument is made up of the Parental Diagnostic Questionnaire and the Classroom Fluency Checklist. The Parental Diagnostic Questionnaire is completed by the child’s parent or guardian and includes 20 questions relating to behaviors commonly observed in children who stutter. Means and standard deviations were obtained for each item. The Classroom Fluency Checklist is a reproducible form that can be completed by the teacher. Assessment of Stuttering Behaviors (ASB) #4928-C23 ASB Complete Kit $49.00 #4930-C23 ASB Record Forms (25 of each) $39.00 Test of Childhood Stuttering (TOCS) Ronald Gilliam, Kenneth Logan, and Nils Pearson This norm-referenced instrument provides a sound method for assessing fluency and stuttering-related behaviors. The standardized measures assess Rapid Picture Naming, Modeled Sentences, Structured Conversation, and Narration. Observational measures include the Speech Fluency Rating Scale and the Disfluency-Related Consequences Rating Scale. Eight supplemental fluency assessments enable examiners to probe disfluency duration, disfluency frequency, associated mannerisms, speech rate, speech naturalness, and other factors relevant to stuttering. Test of Childhood Stuttering (TOCS) #22200-C23 TOCS Complete Kit $217.00 #22201-C23 TOCS Record Forms (25) $53.00 Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (PLAI-2) Second Edition Ages 3-0 through 5-11 The PLAI includes norm-referenced and informal measures to assess children’s ability to meet the demands of classroom discourse. Making comparisons, predicting, reasoning, and the pragmatic aspects of communication are among the areas assessed. The test makes it possible to compare receptive and expressive discourse skills across four levels of abstraction. The instrument is easy to administer and score. Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (PLAI-2) #20895-C23 PLAI-2 Complete Kit $267.00