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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 72 READING ANDWRITING Postcards from South America Five action-packed novels including Amazon Adventure, Storm over Venezuela, and more. Students learn about other cultures and historical facts as they develop reading skills! #0810-C23 Postcards (5 novels) $24.00 Trade Route Explorers Live the adventures of Leif Eriksson and the Vikings, Marco Polo, Vasco de Gama, Magellan, and Captain Cook with these easy-to read novels. These novels will hold your students’ interest. #08851-C23 Trade Route Explorers (5 novels) $24.00 The High Seas Stimulate the development of reading skills using high-interest adventures at sea. Your students won’t be able to put down these action-packed adventure novels. Perfect for students with learning disabilities! #08178A-C23 High Seas (5 novels) $24.00 #08178B-C23High Seas Activity Book $17.00 Visit our website to view special offers on many of our high-interest books for struggling readers! Tom and Ricky Mysteries Tom and Ricky solve a variety of mysteries in these exciting novels. The novels are written at a firstgrade readability level but are appropriate for students through 17 years of age. Novels included: The Falling Star Mystery - The Silver Buckle Mystery - The Tree House Mystery - The Thief in the Brown Van - The Gold Coin Robbery #0882A-C23Tomand Ricky - (5 novels) $24.00 #0882B-C23Tomand Ricky - Activity Book $17.00 Bilingual Tom and Ricky Mysteries This set includes five Tom and Ricky Mysteries with English on one page and Spanish on the next. Each novel is written at a first-grade English readability level. Novels included: The Siamese Turtle Mystery - The Secret Staircase - The Mummy’s Crown - The Red Hot Rod - The Video Game Spy #08850-C23 Tom and Ricky (English/Spanish) $34.75 High School Highways Third Grade Readability These adventures are suitable for junior and senior high school students but are written at a third grade readability level. Novels included: Love the Glove - Beat Box Talks - Private Sentences - Scared Serious - Steel Town Rock and Roll #0812-C23 High School Highways $24.00 Unusual Events Second to Third Grade Readability Motivate your students to read with these five actionpacked novels about exciting and unusual events. #0816-C23 Unusual Events (5 novels) $24.00 High Adventures Third to Fourth Grade Readability These exciting adventures are great for special learners. #0820- C23 HighAdventures - Set 1 (5novels) $24.00 #0821- C23 HighAdventures - Set 2 (5novels) $24.00 FIRST GRADE READABILITY LEVEL SECOND GRADE READABILITY LEVEL GRADE 2 READABILITY AND HIGHER High-Interest, Easy-To-Read Novels These short novels (44-48 pages in length) are PERFECT for students with language and learning disabilities!