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LANGUAGE / SPECIFIC SYNDROMES 57 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Practical Resources for Autism and Severe Disabilities Practical Ideas that Really Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Kathleen McConnell and Gail Ryser Preschool through Grade 12 This book was written to provide speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, and parents with intervention strategies that promote learning and effective functioning in social contexts for students with autism. Grooming, taking turns, making choices, listening, solving problems, responding appropriately to verbal instructions, and other topics are included. #25432-C23 Practical Ideas that Really Work with ASD $66.00 CoTeaching Students with Autism Judy Kinney and Debbie Fischer This book includes practical strategies for working with students who have autism and suggestions for classroom inclusion in the elementary school grades. The authors detail their experiences and innovations in actual classrooms. Suggestions are included for working with aides, parents, and teachers. Discipline, pull-out issues, and curriculum adaptations are among the topics covered. #86690-C23 CoTeaching Students with Autism $39.00 Using Assistive Technology to Meet Literacy Standards Sherry Purcell and Debbie Grant These books provide assistive technology solutions, sample IEP objectives, and information relevant to school curriculum standards and educational strategies. Listening, speaking, and written communication skills are covered. The information included is helpful in writing instructional objectives and planning programs of instruction. Using Assistive Technology #96670-C23 Grades K-3 $49.00 #96671-C23 Grades 4-6 $49.00 My Walkabout A Brain Injury Survivor’s Story of Discovery and Hope John T. Schultz The life of John Schultz changed suddenly when an artery broke in his brain. He awoke from a coma with a damaged brain and a paralyzed body. With help from a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and other professionals, John, an electrical engineer, was able to“reboot” and to re-program the “scrambled software” in his brain. This inspirational book tells his story and is MUST READING for patients and their families. It can also be used to increase students’ awareness of the challenges caused by brain injury. Save $6.95 now! #49951-C23 My Walkabout $8.00 SPECIAL ONLY $8.00