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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 50 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING The Daily Detective Amy J. Strommer Ages 10 through 15 Children with language or learning deficits often have difficulty identifying, describing, and making inquiries about the salient features of various social situations. The activities in this volume were developed to teach students to describe the critical elements of a situation, to ask relevant questions, to organize information, and to report that information concisely and effectively. Role-playing scenarios are also included. As students participate in the activities, they take on the role of detectives and conduct investigations to solve a variety of problems. #4318-C23 The Daily Detective $33.00 Strategies for Adolescent Vocabulary Expansion (SAVE) Carol Kidder Murdoch Ages 13 through 18 The activities and reproducible worksheets in SAVE are designed to help junior and senior high school students with language deficits acquire strategies for learning and using vocabulary. Challenging, highinterest activities are included in which students talk about the meaning of words in short stories, interpret sentences, compare alternative word meanings, and reformulate sentences using precise vocabulary. The importance of using contextual information to facilitate the acquisition of new vocabulary is emphasized in this functional, easy-to-use approach to vocabulary development. #4302-C23 SAVE $37.00 The Riding Hood Café Stories and Thinking Activities for Language and Literacy Stephen McGuire Ages 9 through 17 Students encounter many surprises in these new versions of their favorite fairy tales. The new stories spark the imaginative uses of language as students interact with their favorite childhood story characters in new situations. The skills emphasized include retelling stories, comparing story events, giving explanations, making comparisons, changing story events, using the imagination, making predictions, understanding viewpoints, and making decisions. #40692-C23 The RidingHoodCafé $29.00 Use humorous versions of fairy tales to help older students develop language & literacy skills