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LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 39 Pragmatic Language Intervention Resource Ages 4 through 10 Use short stories, full-color picture cards, and language activities for developing pragmatic language skills. Skills emphasized include describing situations, expressing needs, sequencing, telling stories, sharing feelings, and solving problems. The manual includes high-interest stories designed to facilitate the development of pragmatic communication skills. #4815-C23 Pragmatic Language Intervention Resource $59.95 Help children develop oral language, reading, and writing skills as they build their own stories using the reproducible story pictures in this book. Students are first asked to talk about each picture and to respond to questions about what is happening. Students then create their own stories. Space is provided on each picture page for recording the student’s story. Journeys to outer space, encounters with magical dinosaurs, wizards, and other characters make these stories appealing to the interests of young children. Some of the stories contain incomplete pictures so that students can “customize” the story action. Create-A-Story Language Activities #40261-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #40261CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #40261BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00 Create-A-Story Language Activities Ages 5 through 10 Sentence Structure Picture Resource CD Ages 4 through 8 Here is a CD with printable picture cards and game boards that you can use to teach simple sentences such as, “The boy is throwing the ball” or “The cat is on the box.” Common verbs and spatial concepts are depicted in the adorable illustrations. The PDF file makes it easy to print out pictures as you need them. Copies of the pictures may be distributed to parents of your students for use in home programs. Order the CD or download this product from our website. Then you can print out pages and distribute them to students in your instructional program for language practice. #46666CD-C23 Sentence Structure Picture Resource $22.00