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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 32 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING Workbook for Language and Cognitive Development Josef I. Sanders Ages 8 through 17 The reproducible worksheets in this book can be used to stimulate the development of expressive language and critical thinking skills as students associate concepts, describe similarities and differences, classify items, and solve problems. The activities range in difficulty from simple to complex. The more difficult tasks often have multiple solutions. Challenge your special learners as they use a variety of cognitive strategies to solve problems. Toddler Talk A Family-Centered Intervention Program for Young Children Debra Schober-Peterson and Mindy Cohen Ages 18 months through 36 months This program provides parents with strategies for facilitating language development in young language-delayed children. The program focuses on six techniques that have been used successfully by parents to strengthen the language skills of preschoolers. The materials are suitable for children with mild to severe communication deficits. Children with developmental disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and hearing impairments, are among those who benefit from this excellent program. #40696-C23 Toddler Talk $34.00 #49919-C23 Workbook for Language and Cognitive Development $35.00 Language Adventures for Young Children Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 4 through 6 This book includes picture stories, games, and worksheet activities that can be used to strengthen vocabulary, sentence structure, and descriptive language skills in young children. In Section 1, children listen to stories approximately 75 words in length, answer questions, and tell their own version of the stories. In Section 2, children are presented with pictures showing problem situations. The child is asked to provide solutions for these problems and to create stories. Language Adventures for Young Children #49911-C23 Printed Book $28.00 #49911CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $28.00 #49911BCD-C23 Book and CD $38.00